May 9th, 2006


+ANIMA Day!!!

Today is the day! The day +ANIMA vol.1 hits the bookshelves! Everybody go check it out! I'm always afraid I over-hype things, but you can at least check it out, right? Just go to the bookstore and read the first chapter. The beginning of the second chapter has a really great scene in it, too. But the first chapter should give a good enough idea of what Cooro and Husky are like, at least. They rated it teen, but we don't know why because they took out the very minimal swearing that we had put in it (and that's only because drunk abusive fathers are going to swear). Maybe it was the scene with the stabbing with the scissors, or the one naked picture at the beginning. Or the first scene that's actually pretty creepy. Still, I'd let my kids read it.

Last night we were successful in obtaining a pink metallic sunburst gel pen! Tadah! And so we were able to get to work today without having to make Nana compromise about colors. We were very happy.

We also worked out a new system in which we translate for a CD, and then we let the monitor cool down while Athena does a Gummi mission or three. It's a risky system, because once Kingdom Hearts is on, it's hard to turn it off, but we have strong will power, and it's worked so far. And so far, we've only had the monitor black out once, and that was when we were finishing a page after the CD had ended.

I wish I had a Husky icon with a funny caption so everyone could see it and think, "Oh, that's neat! I want to check that series out now!" But alas, we do not. Maybe we'll find a good picture we can scan in our English copy of volume 1. TokyoPop's nice in that they're like, "We know you all want to share your fandom with everyone, so feel free to put scans up on your website--just make sure everyone knows what you scanned from." Oooh, a Senri icon would be good for those moments where you're stunned speechless. Hmmmm...

Today I'm thankful for +ANIMA 1 being in stores now!, having a pink metallic sunburst gel pen, having an excuse to play Kingdom Hearts in the middle of the day, being able to work on +ANIMA, and fingernails.

Now go check out +ANIMA!!! Please.