May 7th, 2006



Back when it was freezing, Mimsy came up with this brilliant idea that when Athena was on her bed reading manga, she could curl up on Athena's lap, under her blanket, and thereby get to be nice and warm and toasty. I guess now that it's been warmer so Mimsy hasn't been doing that so much, Oreo feels like he can do it without being a copy-cat. Only for some reason he didn't actually want to sit on my lap (maybe it was just harder to get under the blanket that way) so he sat on my feet. He's very soft, so it felt really nice.

But now he's under my blanket all by himself, because we're done reading manga and ready to move on to other things. And now, apparently Mimsy is not to be outdone, because she's currently under Athena's blanket. She usually doesn't stay under blankets all by herself.

We're slowly working on the letter (of the alphabet) mememememething. pudges gave us each a letter, so it could take a while, because I hog the computer so much. It will be done eventually. I like it because it makes me think about things I don't always think about. With the letter I got, I have to be a little more creative, because it's not a common letter to start names with, and I'm obsessed with fictional characters. I've got a pretty good list going anyway.

Last night after Justice League, we came back in here to do some stuff on the computer, and as soon as I got up to get ready to take a shower, Oreo ran out into the living room and started meowing. We don't really speak cat, so I'm not quite sure what he meant by this, but we assumed it meant he wanted to play more Kingdom Hearts, since he seems to like to sit on Athena's legs while she plays. We knew we wouldn't have time after we were done showering, because we had to get up a little early for stake conference, so we were sad. But we promised him there would be lots of video games today. Now he's still under my blanket, so I don't know if he cares at the moment, which is just as well, because we need to figure out what we're going to do about responding to Jonathan's missionary friend, as in do we write one letter for both of us or one letter each, do we type it up so clarity since he asked a lot of questions and I'm not sure how organized my thoughts will be, or do we write it out? Or do we just send him an email? I don't know.

But speaking of pets, apparently Mamoru Miyano's dog is named Riku!! I like it when voice actors like their characters enough to name their pets after them. Hiroaki Hirata (Gojyo) has a laptop named Ero-gappa. We're not sure if that's an indication of what he uses his laptop for... Oh, and speaking of Hiroaki Hirata, I don't know if everyone who's interested already knows or not, but it seems there's going to be a Naruto musical. We found out when checking the Animate news site, and we checked the cast, because so many of our newer favorite voice actors do theatre, too. And apparently Hirata-san is the only one who plays the same character in the musical and the anime. Kind of makes me wonder why he wasn't in the Saiyuki stage play.

And today I'm thankful for kitties under the blankets, being able to go to stake conference, bishounen with healing powers (today is Mitsukake's birthday! I guess he would be a biseinen, if we're going with more literal definitions), getting another check in the mail yesterday, and snacktime.