May 3rd, 2006



Today we got a letter from one of Jonathan's fellow missionaries. It made me want to type this entry in Japanese for a few reasons. One would be that it would be less gossipy, since fewer people would be able to read it, and two would be that the letter made me want to show off how smart I am. It was written with lots of big words in a style that seemed meant to impress professors or something. Like he was writing a cover letter. It's understandable, since he, like many of us, is an anime geek, and he was writing to people he doesn't know, and if he knows anything about Hugh Nibley, he'd know that we're related, so he was probably trying to make a good impression. And Athena just pointed out how funny it is that there was a Seto Kaiba sticker on the envelope.

Nevertheless, the letter did make me want to act smart myself. I feel like it's a defense mechanism, but really it probably isn't. It's just that, watching cartoons growing up, we learned that people don't like know-it-alls or show-offs, so as we grew up, we tried to not be know-it-alls or show-offs so much. I don't know whether or not we succeed in this endeavor (watch me talking all smart now; I must be failing), but whenever we see someone else being all know-it-all or show-off-y, it's like a challenge. Like, "Oh? You think you're smarter than us? Let's see if you really are!" I want to say that a lot of the time, we win the challenge, but I really couldn't say. At any rate, I have noticed that the majority of people who really are really smart tend to not act like they're really smart. I guess it's like that saying, "The wise eagle hides its claws," or however that ends up being translated. There was a long discussion about it in the Honyaku Mailing List, and I think they even debated whether you should use claws or talons or what. But I could be imagining that part.

Anyway, of course we're planning to write the guy back. I hope people don't think that because I'm posting my spiel about know-it-alls that I look down on him. We only have one letter to go off of. I really just thought it was a good opportunity to talk about it, since I think about it a lot. And I really did want to write the entry in Japanese. I probably would have if I could have just used a Japanese IME instead of copying and pasting from JWPce. And maybe he'll turn out to be a good friend. I do get the feeling he would be frightened to learn the true nature of fangirls, since apparently he's only met two ever.

Today I'm thankful for letters from new people, episode 5 of Ouran Koukou Host Club (so much love for that show), being able to name our hedgehogs, cooler weather for our monitor, fulfilling the lifelong dream of beating Sephiroth at a lower level than 100 (maybe he's easier in KH2? We never really tried that hard in KH1)(today was a good day to do it, too; it's Tifa's birthday), and having a relatively non-traumatic experience at the post office today.
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