May 1st, 2006


Be careful what you wish for.

Not that we were really moaning and complaining about our lack of snackfood before this weekend, just the occasional, "Aw man, I have the munchies." But now we have more cake than we could possibly wish for. Well, two. We used to always get two cakes for our birthday, but in a family of seven, that wasn't a whole lot of cake. But for two people whose favorite dessert was never really cake to begin with, it's a lot of cake. But now that we've been able to digest, the idea of eating the cake is a lot less disgusting, so it'll work out.

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So that was that. I really wish the text window wouldn't keep getting so wide that I have to scroll to the right before I can scroll up. It makes it very difficult to edit. Ah well. It's getting warmer, which is scary, because here there doesn't seem to really be a "warm." It's either hot or cold. And I need to stop talking so gloomy. So today I'm thankful for all the birthday wishes we got yesterday and the day before, leftover hamburger biscuits, being able to work on another new series, having cake to eat during 8 Simple Rules, and it not being quite hot enough for the cats to have to spend all day on the kitchen or bathroom floor to keep cool.