April 9th, 2006


It's like... Tron.

We just finished watching the end of FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime. Good, good stuff. And now we're anxious to see FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime Gyu!, because they had a preview for it and it's like, "Gwah...?" It's like FutagoHime Goes to School. We're really hoping the mysterious new character is played by a guy.

I've recently developed a habit of correcting Sunday school teachers. Okay, so I started correcting them more than usual. This is a dangerous side effect of us actually reading the lesson before church. Since it's Old Testament this year, there's a lot of stuff where I knew the general story, but I didn't know all the details, and it's neat to find them out. So then when the teacher gets them wrong, I end up saying, "Actually...!" I thought it was just with the one teacher, since she kind of has that, "And I'm smarter than all of you," attitude, but I was doing it today, too, and she wasn't teaching. I try to contain myself when it's not that important, but sometimes it was just so neat.

Our anime buddy lent us Tron, so that's our movie for tonight! Tadah! I'm really not sure why we haven't seen it before. It was the Disney movie that came out the year we were born. We weren't sure what to think of that, because we're the only members of our immediate family who didn't have an animated feature come out the year we were born. So we always told ourselves that it means we were just so cool that Disney didn't need to release a movie when we were born. And then we found out about Tron, and we were like, "Hm." So tonight we'll find out if it's cool enough to have our birth year.

We think it was Aurora who had a friend, but it may have been a friend of ours who had a friend, that would explain inexplicable things by saying, "It's like... Tron." Our memory of the story is that said person had never seen Tron, and never would, because that would ruin the joke. But it could be that Tron is that confusing. Having not seen it ourselves yet, we couldn't say.

And apparently it has the guy who played the Lobe in Freakazoid! and R...Ra... that guy in Batman, the one who was in Batman Begins, but the guy in Tron played him in the animated series. We've heard his voice in a lot of stuff, so it'll be neat to see his face.

Today I'm thankful for FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, happy tears, getting one step closer to having seen every Disney film of note, being able to read the Old Testament, and sunny weather.