March 28th, 2006



We were so excited to go to GameStop and buy Kingdom Hearts II, and we walked in, and the lady said, "Can I help you with something?" and I said, "We're here to buy Kingdom Hearts!" and she said, "You're a day early." And we're like, "Noooooooooo!!!" Inwardly, of course. But I keep telling myself not to feel dumb about it, because we did check multiple websites, including the GameStop one.

On further inquiry, we found out that the game ships today, and will be available tomorrow. And the lady agreed that it's unusual for games to come out on Wednesday, and she said they spent a lot of money to have it expedited, so we were fully convinced to reserve a copy there instead of searching all over town for a place that had it. She was very nice too, so I'm really hoping she doesn't think we're dumb. While we were there, someone else called, which on the one hand makes me feel better, but on the other hand makes me feel worse, because we could have called, thereby saving the effort of driving all the way out there.

Mom didn't seem to mind too much, though. On the way out, she told us she doesn't play video games anymore now that they don't make any new Zelda or Castlevania games. We tried to tell her that they do make more of those games, but she seemed to be ignoring us by that point. But she did agree to take us back to GameStop tomorrow. We apologized for making her drive all the way out for nothing; hopefully she's not too upset.

It's actually just as well that we couldn't buy Kingdom Hearts today, for two reasons. One, it's our older sister Aurora's birthday, and it would be lame of us to buy ourselves a present for it (Mom's going to see her tomorrow night, so we gave her the stuff we were going to give Aurora for Christmas to take with her; kind of lame, but it's how our family works a lot of the time). And two, we just got a new deadline, and now we have time to work on it before the total slacking begins. That being said, off to work!

Jamba Juice!

Last night, on the way to FHE, our anime buddy decided she wanted to go to Jamba Juice, and was kind enough to treat us as well. Despite the fact that the Jamba Juice at the BYU Wilkinson Center was a common meeting place for just about everything, and was right next to the Varsity Theater / International Cinema (depending on our year in college), we had actually never experienced Jamba Juice before.

When we walked into the Jamba Juice last night, one of the first things I noticed was a sign that said, "Clovis[that's the town we're in], welcome to Jamba Juice." My first reaction was to be like, "Oh like you're that cool to act like you're some different world." And my second reaction was that, yeah, actually, it kind of was. Plus it's kind of fun to pretend you're in a different world. I really should stop being so argumentative.

And then we got our Jamba Juice (Athena and I split a Strawberry...something something with "surf" in it. It had pineapple and lime and strawberries and maybe something else), and we realized that this is The Way to eat fruit. Smashed up and blended so the only way you can tell it was fruit at all is from the flavor, and we can pretend that's artificial if we want. Really, we have nothing against natural flavors, though; it's the textures that cause problems. But when you smash it all up, it's like an icee that doesn't melt as fast. It's perfect! If we had money and transportation, we'd totally get Jamba Juice all the time, and then we'd be Super Healthy! Yeah!

Oh! And we totally called it! The Reload OVA is going to be the burial stuff! Kazuya Minekura mentioned on her diary that she thinks she's the only one who will be happy that they're doing the Ukoku chapter. We're actually really happy about it because Koumyou is awesome in that chapter. I'm also curious to see if they'll get someone other than Houchu Ohtsuka to play Ken'yuu. I would be amused if Takeshi Kusao does it, since he's Kougaiji, who doesn't show up much anymore, and Kusao-san seems to love being in Saiyuki a lot.

Also, we were working on Lagoon Engine today (it's like a breath of fresh air to translate something by Yukiru Sugisaki after doing something as text-heavy as CLAMP no Kiseki, which is what we did while waiting for a new deadline), and we put in Shunichi Miyamoto's "Saigo no Kiss" single to listen to. I keep forgetting how pretty that song is. Maybe one of these days we'll get his album and anything else that's come out of his that we haven't been able to afford. Someday...

Tonight I'm thankful for Jamba Juice, pineapples, limes, PayDay Chocolate Avalanche bars, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Chex Mix.