March 27th, 2006


Another mystery solved! ...sort of

So remember when I was talking about peaches and "momo-iro" and stuff? kabochan and kurosaki_koi expressed an interest in finding out why "ao" can mean blue or green, so I tried asking our Japanese penpal. And yesterday, we got an answer. His answer seems to be more of a theory than a definitive one, but it seems pretty good.

And what is that answer? "Ao" is easier to say than "midori." He also pointed out that "ao," or the kanji for it anyway, doesn't only refer to a color, but also has the image of "youth" and "safety." From that we gather that, as for "aoi" leaves, they're young and fresh, and as for "aoi" traffic signals, they mean it's safe to go.

And there you have it.

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Tonight I'm thankful for getting our bills paid, having a new deadline, having a penpal who's willing to answer weird questions about the Japanese language, Kingdom Hearts II coming out tomorrow, and having a ride to a video game store.