March 23rd, 2006


Lazy bums

Wow, the very day after I talk about Gunparade Orchestra, the next episode is posted with the comment, "It's watchable again!" Hopefully this is a good sign, since a lot of the time, bad stuff has to happen for the ending to be good. Kazuya Minekura says she's getting a lot of letters about how readers hate seeing what's going on with Sanzo Ikkou in recent Saiyuki chapters (man, I can't wait for volume 7), but they wouldn't be nearly as cool if they couldn't get through it.

So we watched the first episode, and our first theory was right--all different characters. Generally not a problem, except now there's no Akira Ishida (yet--there was someone in the opening who looked like he might be an older Atsushi). And it's like they're taunting us, too. The main character has hair similar to Athrun's, and her name is Sara Ishida. It would be worse if she was played by the voice of Cagalli, but she's played by the voice of Milly instead.

The mood of the series is different (based on one episode), and the color schemes are brighter. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it means it will have a harder time winning us over, since now we have a small grudge against it for going against the first series, and not having Atsushi and Nonomi. I'm also wondering what happened to the whole PBE thing. Maybe it will be explained later.

We're still waiting on a lot of stuff for work, so it's looking like tonight will be a night for Final Fantasy X. This is a good thing, except we kind of feel like slackers. We even worked on CLAMP no Kiseki and everything, but we still feel like slackers. I guess we could work on it some more, but... wow, I guess I am a slacker. Fair enough.

Tonight I'm thankful for the Gunparade March disc we got from Netflix not being damaged (that's actually a yesterday thing, but I forgot to mention it, so now it's a today thing), the warmer weather, finally getting a hold of our home teacher (I say "finally;" as if it's his fault), having milk, and cathode ray tubes.

Oh, and Athena just reminded me! Today is Kazuya Minekura's birthday! Yay!