March 22nd, 2006


Warm fuzzies

If I've said it once, I've said it a million bazillion times: Everybody should totally watch Gunparade March.

Of course then I have to say, "Oh, but it might not be for everyone, so I understand if you don't like it." Because I'm a pansy. Okay, so maybe not because I'm a pansy. We really are aware that we tend to like unusual things, but we also think that we tend to like good things. We try not to recommend things unless we think they're worth recommending. For example, there was a time when we were obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh, but we didn't go around telling people they should watch it. We were fully aware of its excessive sap content. We do seem to recommend a lot, but it's probably mostly recommending the same few things a million times over. And we have seen a lot of things.

Anyway! Gunparade March! We got to see the ending of it today, and now we're all full of warm fuzzies. Sometimes, a series comes along that makes you feel really good watching it, and this is one of them for us. The ending doesn't really resolve the whole war thing, like in a Gundam series, but it made me happy. Especially because we know that there's Gunparade Orchestra for us to go on to. For some reason the change in title led us to believe that they got new characters, but after that ending, it seems like maybe they didn't. That would be especially awesome, because Atsushi is the bestest. Even if he is kind of an idiot.

We are a little concerned about Gunparade Orchestra, though, because at l33t-raws, it got to a point where all of the distro people except one refused to QC it, and towards the end, he was saying it was getting more and more unwatchable, and he was counting his blessings that there were so few episodes left. We'll just have to watch it and find out! And then we'll have to decide whether or not it stays on the hard drive.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see all of Gunparade March, getting to watch Gunparade Orchestra soon, getting a ride to the bank, overdraft protection kicking back in, and easy biscuit recipes.