March 21st, 2006


We are such nerds

As I have mentioned recently, we've been playing Final Fantasy X again, and you know what that means! Translations!!

We got the FFX vocal collection three years ago, and we realized just how much better the Japanese cast is. Anyway, it's half songs and half monologues and dialogues that apparently didn't make it into the game. Unless we're remembering wrong. But now that we've got one translated, you can see for yourselves. So here's part one in the series, starting, of course, with Yuna (beware of spoilers!!!!):

Collapse )

I'm really not sure how well it will work without any intonation, but there it is.

In other news, today we were at the Butch Hartman forums, and someone had started a thread wondering if Danny is getting shallower. It was a reasonable question based on some things in some of the later episodes, but we like Danny and we can justify just about anything, so, after spending about half an hour or so discussing it amongst ourselves, we made a long-ish post about why Danny is at least not any more shallow than he has been so far. We cited the most minor details, too.

I felt like all those guys they were talking to in that fake commercial on Animaniacs for the "Please Please Pleeze Get a Life Foundation" ("Did you notice that they misspelled the last 'please'? I think this was intentional..."). But it was fun. Psycho-analyzing cartoon characters really is how we get our kicks. And someone applauded the post, so we feel special.

Today I'm thankful for opportunities to psycho-analyze cartoon characters in a forum where people will be interested and not think we're psycho, blitzball, the Final Fantasy X vocal collection, Final Fantasy X, and snowcones.