March 10th, 2006



Man it's weird being caught up. We don't have anything to do. We even cleaned! I guess we could clean some more, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We looked at the more detailed Nova application that they sent for us to print out and take with us to the interviews, and it got a little scary, because it reminded us that we'll be going there to work. Not so much that I hate work (though I am very lazy) as that I'm not confident that I can work, because I'm a perfectionist and it doesn't count if I'm screwing everything up. Still, when I give myself more time to think about it, it doesn't seem so hard. I'm pretty good at speaking English, and that's really the main requirement.

We also read the latest chapter of "Yakusoku ~Tooi Sora kara Furu Hoshi" that's up at the Japanese Animate site. It's a pretty neat story with cute boys in many different senses of the word. For those of you who are looking to get more practice with your Japanese reading skills, you might want to check it out! In fact, please check it out! It's nice when there are other people who know what you're talking about.

But you might not want to read all the chapters at once. The next one's not set to go up until April. Not that there are any real cliffhangers or anything, just that it's easier to forget about. Like how it's easy to forget about new Danny Phantom episodes because they seem to only have them every three weeks (the next one's supposed to air on the 17th; hopefully we'll be back from San Francisco in time to see it!)

In about half an hour, we can watch reruns of 8 Simple Rules, and after that we should get the next 24 DVD in the mail, and hopefully a check, so then we'll have stuff to do! That will be nice.

Squeaky wheel...

This is a reference to the episode of Justice League Unlimited, in the episode about Booster Gold, when he and Elongated Man are put on crowd control, and Elongated Man says he keeps complaining to the higher-ups to get more action, because the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

It was kind of sad, because when that episode was first on (over a year ago), Aurora was in the room doing stuff on the computer, and Green Lantern told Elongated Man that Plastic Man was already fighting, and they didn't need two stretchy guys. She seemed to think the line was very funny, and asked what we were watching, and when we told her it was Justice League, she seemed disappointed that it wasn't a parody. And it was after that that one of the funniest conversations took place. Why doesn't she realize that superheroes can make fun of themselves without being parodies? (In fact, they usually do it better than parodies, in our opinions.)

Anyway, I was complaining about being bored earlier, and then things stopped being boring. Athena checked the mail almost as soon as I got that entry done, and there was no check. So I called Mom because we had run out of catfood and were going to need her help getting it. I started out asking about our diplomas, because she has them and we need them for our Nova interviews. Then she went on to tell us that she was really scared about us applying to teach English in Japan, because they had just seen a story on the news about a girl who applied with these people who told her they'd pay for her to go to Japan, and they'd pay for her place to live, and they'd give her a job, and then as soon as she got off the plane they kidnapped her and sold her into sex slavery.

It's kind of like that one episode of Gilmore Girls when Luke and Lorelai had dinner with Richard and Emily, and Richard and Emily kept telling all these insurance horror stories. They seem crazy, but you can't help freaking out about it.

Mom said she would feel much better after Steve got back and they could look into the company themselves and see if it was safe. I told her that we didn't want to tell her where we were applying, because we know they have a history of spying, and I brought up the example of Celeste's boyfriend. She responded that that was only because Steve had contacts in Michigan, so they were able to do that with that boyfriend, and they haven't with the current boyfriend. I said that we know Steve has contacts in Japan, and we didn't want him using them to spy on us, and she said that that's the price we'd have to pay for peace of mind. Peace of mind, which, by the way, we had, until this psycho woman came along! Ugh.

We just need to remind ourselves that Mom was once convinced we'd be sold into slavery just by going to Anime Expo. That's a pretty funny story actually. See, most people who know us know that we have a very bad habit of not calling people. So our second AX, the first one that we stayed in a hotel for, we neglected to call home and let people know we were safe. No one asked us to, and our bad habit of not calling people didn't allow us to think, "Oh hey, maybe we should call home." I'm not saying it's a good thing--just that that's what happened and why. So when we called home to ask someone to come pick us up, Celeste answered the phone, and when we asked for Mom or Dad, she called out, "Mom! It's your daughters that got kidnapped and taken to Japan to be sex slaves!"

Mom determined that we would discuss everything in more detail when she calls tomorrow, because she was still recovering from the flu and couldn't leave the house until then. So we called our home teacher and asked him to get us catfood, which he very kindly did, and when I told him what was going on with Mom, he said, "Tell your mom she needs to stop watching tabloid shows." So we felt a little better, but then we watched 24, and that show makes it very difficult to feel secure about anything.

Of course, one logical solution to this whole problem would be to just keep up a regular correspondence with Mom, and tell her everything, and then if her information was messed up, it wouldn't be from lack of trying. But at least then they wouldn't need to spy on us, right? Actually, I'm not convinced that that would be the case. I still need to think about this one.

Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for our home teacher buying us catfood, quotes from Justice League Unlimited, ice cream soup, the idea of getting pizza tomorrow, and "Yakusoku ~Tooi Sora kara Furu Hoshi."