March 5th, 2006


I can't believe we watched the entire Academy Awards.

That's kind of our reaction to the whole thing. We stopped watching them after they stopped nominating Disney songs for best song. Why? Because we don't watch any movies, and we realized that awards shows are long, and we don't have very long attention spans.

And this year, we still didn't watch any movies. Okay, we saw about six, and two of them weren't nominated for anything at all, but Chicken Little and Abby showed up, and that was neat. Dude, we haven't even seen Howl's Moving Castle. How depressing is that?

But the power of fandom is strong, and so we had to watch to see Jon Stewart. We thought, "Well, we can just watch some of it, and then we can move on to other things." We should have known better. We did know better. We just can't pull ourselves away from things until they're over, which is why we were appalled when we were watching Rocketman at Mom's place and they just turned it off in the middle because it was late and the kids had to go to bed. We weren't even entertained, but for some reason having them turn it off before it was over was very disconcerting. It's like...shoot I don't remember her name. Green Lantern's new girlfriend that's not Hawk Girl. Wildcat? Something like that. She has powers like Shido in GetBackers. She told Hawk Girl that no matter how disgustingly horrible a movie is, she has to watch it to the end. It had some sort of relevance to her relationship to Green Lantern. And the rambling comes full circle, as the Green Lantern's secret identity is John Stewart. I just blew my mind.

After the Oscars, we decided to watch Alice in Wonderland. Why? Because we accidentally bought Tarzan, and since we've had Alice since last August, we figured it wouldn't be fair to watch Tarzan first.

It was actually very easy to accidentally buy Tarzan, which is why it's generally not a good idea to join a movie club when you don't have any money. But we got three DVDs for $6, and it went to a free PS3, which we still haven't earned, but that's beside the point. So anyway, the featured movie, which would be sent to us if we didn't respond and say "No we don't want it" by the dealine, for February was Tarzan, and we reeeeeally really wanted it, so we said, "We'll just put off responding, and maybe by some miracle, we'll get some money and can buy Tarzan." That didn't happen, and we were going to go refuse Tarzan and be very very sad, but as it turns out, the deadline to refuse was Feb.13, not Feb.20 as we had originally thought. And so we bought Tarzan.

We checked our order history to see when we'd be getting it, and it didn't say anything about it, so we checked our bank account to see if they'd charged us, and they hadn't, so I thought maybe I did go refuse the movie while I was in some kind of a trance or something and forgot about it. But when we checked the mail today (because we didn't yesterday), there it was! And we were very happy, though slightly guilty about splurging like that. But mostly just happy.

So tonight I'm thankful to have Tarzan on DVD, and for Alice in Wonderland, the Oscars being less than four hours long, getting to see the Flash with his mask off, and the fact that we have peanut butter cookies.