March 4th, 2006


The Flash makes everything better♥

Today we were kind of bummed because we were thinking too hard about bummer-type things, but apparently God saw it coming or something, because today also happened to be the day that Cartoon Network had a Teen Titans marathon, and we actually knew about it. And! The marathon included the episode with Kid Flash♥, and it's very hard to stay sad after seeing the Kid Flash♥

Then Cartoon Network made us choose between one of about three episodes of Teen Titans we've only seen once (specifcally, Revved Up (again)) and the rerun of the newest Danny Phantom episode. Last time, we chose Danny Phantom, because Danny almost always beats Teen Titans, but since Cartoon Network has been weird with Teen Titans lately, we have no idea when we might get another chance to see Revved Up. It was very nice to see Red X again, but it made me sad to think that there may not ever be any more episodes with him. That's why Athena pointed out that we really ought to figure out where to get the comic books.

Anyway, I don't know if it was before, during, or after Lightspeed that I said, "Maybe the Flash will be on Justice League tonight," thinking wishfully. And then Justice League started, and they finished with the villains and went to the tower, and there he was♥! And he even started talking, so we knew he was going to be in the episode for a while! (Sometimes he's just in the background; it's very sad.)

And then it turned out that, contrary to all expectations I had for a series that seems to be aimed at an older crowd like JLU, they had the obligatory brain-switching episode! Tadah! It was pretty funny, because Lex Luthor started talking, only he was in the Flash's body, so it was still Michael Rosenbaum's voice, and my thought process literally went like this, "Hey, that means Michael Rosenbaum gets to play Lex L...oh yeah."

And then we both laughed maniacally that they were having Lex Luthor from Smallville playing Lex Luthor in Justice League. And then we were both sad that we didn't get to hear Michael Rosenbaum as the Flash. But it was a totally awesome episode, and the guy who plays Lex Luthor (I really should look up his name... he plays the green monkey (we think he's the green one) in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!) talked just like the Flash♥ and he was sooooo cute!

Polaris: "Aren't you gonna wash your hands?"
Flash Luthor: "No! ...Because I'm evil!"

It was awesome.

And tonight I'm thankful for Teen Titans marathons, Flash Luthor, "SEED ga Ichiban! Chou Sai-Housou," having seen the end of Infinite Ryvius, and the Infinite Ryvius cast comments.

EDIT: And now that we've looked up the cast, I'm sad we didn't realize that Michael Rosenbaum also played Dr. Polaris. Well, Athena kind of did. And! Zankou from Charmed is Dr. Fate. We always did like Zankou.