March 1st, 2006


Because we like to feel important

Thanks to the new wallpaper calendar for FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, I've been reminded about cosplay.

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I really have no idea where I was going with that.

So anyway. We were checking out the AX forums to see if there was any new information on Guests of Honor. This is partly because who the guests are is about the only thing that will affect whether or not we have any new costumes this year (unless anyone wants to do a group *wink*), and partly because the guy in charge of informing the masses about GoH's had mentioned something about how they would be announcing the first guest soon. He later said that they were planning to announce the guest in February, and since February was over and there was no announcement, we were wondering if he had anything to say about it.

He didn't, but while we were there, we did notice something that might be of interest to most of the people on our friends list who are going to AX. This is the section of the forums that talks about Artists Alley and the Art Show and whatnot. It looks like the guy in charge just posted the tentative rules about an hour and a half ago. So there it is. Tadah!


So today, we've been catching up on anime again. We do keep falling behind, probably because we're workaholics. But we've got it down to six episodes that we haven't watched and two of them were downloaded today. Yay!

And when we decided to take a break from the computer to watch Fairly OddParents at four (which is what we do everyday, because it's our snack time), we turned on Nickelodeon to find out that they were showing Danny Phantom instead. A couple seconds later, we realized it was Reign Storm. Double yay!!

And! This is actually news from...yesterday? Or was it Monday? That's right, it was yesterday. But it would seem that they're going to make an OVA of our favorite anime series! According to the manga artist, they're going to animate something from the manga, not an original story or a novel. If it's the arc we think it is (and it would kind of have to be, since it's the only one that hasn't been animated, unless you count the current one, but that was animated. Sort of), then we've been wanting the CD dramas for months now! And we weren't sure if we could ever get them, because you can only get them from the magazine's website. Though we could probably order them if we get accepted to the Nova Group. Anyway, this means that soon(ish) we'll not only get to hear the beautiful voices, but see it animated! Triple yay!!!

So today I'm thankful for not setting the house on fire, getting caught up on anime, getting to watch Reign Storm, new OVAs, and CD-ROMs.
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