February 28th, 2006


Just a thought

We decided we should make an independent movie. Why? Just because we think we might do a good job. The only problem is finding a script, crew, actors, and funding. This plan may have to wait.

Tonight I'm thankful for people who let us go on and on about ourselves, friendly phone-answering people, pictures of costumes that are easy to make out, little sisters with a sense of fashion, and Disneyland cast members.


Today we got an email from Steve. It was written in the style of a friend who's bad at keeping up with e-mails, and asked a few things about how we're getting along with boys in the ward and what company we're interviewing with to go to Japan. There was a little bit more about what's going on in his life to make it sound like a normal letter. This would have seemed very, very suspicious in its conversational, "not trying to get us to do anything" nature, if not for the fact that Celeste had given us a warning call earlier.

As it turns out, she was talking to Mom on the phone earlier, and for some reason the topic of conversation turned to us. Mom asked Celeste if we were still trying to do that Japan thing (I had mentioned it to her earlier, before we applied), and Celeste told her that, yes, we are. This apparently scares Mom, as she had heard bad things on the news. Celeste tried to assure her that we looked into it and we're pretty sure it's legit (check Pretear manga vol.2 for a parody of the Nova Group sign! (although I suppose that could be a parody of a sign for one of their affiliates)), but Mom is very neurotic (now you know where we get it). Celeste very kindly tried to persuade her not to stress us out any further, as we have enough stress already, at which point Mom concluded that if we were so stressed out, it must mean we're doing the wrong thing. It seems that Celeste successfully convinced her that there are other causes of stress, such as having to move, and so we haven't heard directly from Mom yet. I think I would have preferred to be able to confront Mom about this myself, but I do appreciate the sentiment. And Mom's neuroses can be very contagious, so it might be for the best.

But now we have this email to deal with. Thanks to Celeste's call, we know that now it doesn't seem suspicious--it is suspicious. And where on earth do they get the idea that an email from Steve would not stress us out? But at least we were semi-expecting it this time. I'm still not sure what I want to say in response. The most tempting course, because it's the easiest, is to just forget about it, but since he went and asked questions, I feel obligated to answer them, even with a "I'm not going to answer that."

I was actually just thinking last night about how if we were really going to get away, we would have to be outside of their spy network Collapse )

But on the other hand, if Mom is genuinely worried, it seems like it might be better to just tell them and let them find out what they can find out. For all we know, it's not legit and they'd be helping us out. Of course then our next best bet for being able to earn enough money so that we can do stuff like eat and pay bills is to move to Texas and apply to work for ADV. Based on the first part of Steve's email, it seems like their ideal scenario is that we both marry guys from the ward so we can live in Fresno forever! Yay!

Did I say yay? I meant *gag*. Now excuse me while I hurl. Even if there were any guys in the ward that either of us was interested in, the Fresno climate is not one I would like to endure much longer. And there's really not enough here to make it worth it.

Ironically, I have offered to give Mom the link to our LiveJournal on more than one occasion. Though the reason she refused is probably that it was always in response to the question, "What did Steve ever do to you?" It would be a lot easier to spy on us if she took the link, though.

In other news, today we had flapjack cake! Tadah! We tried making pancakes this morning, but apparently we killed the frying pan when we tried to make fry bread last week (we had always wanted to try it since Skye was sharing it with everyone on the Puzzle Place), so despite the progress we'd made in developing our pancake flipping skills (or rather, Athena's), it was an abysmal failure. We were pretty bummed about it, because now we can't use our frying pan, and we had a bunch of batter left over. We went to the 99cents Only store on the off chance that they might have a frying pan (and because we needed bread), but alas they had none. So we poured the batter into our 9x9 inch square pan and baked it in the oven. And it was very yummy, and there was much rejoicing. Yay!! And we called it flapjack cake, because pancake cake is redundant.

Today I'm thankful for 9x9 inch square pans, flapjack cake, milk that won't expire for at least a week, the Puzzle Place, and warnings.