February 23rd, 2006


By way of explanation

So yesterday I posted about how I don't like Japanese interjections into English sentences. It certainly didn't do anything to discredit our reputation of being snobs.

In fact, we're actually rather entertained by some Japanglish. Like one time, we were getting ready for the Asian Festival at BYU, and a girl said, "We're gonna go renshuu over there for like gofun, okay?" And then another time, we were talking about curry with our Japanese 444 class. I think it was at the curry party, when we tried it and decided we don't really like it, and one of our classmates said, "So karee's dame, huh?" It took me about ten minutes to finally figure out what he said, but then I thought it was funny.

Like I said before, annoyance lever depends greatly on my mood at the time. Anyone who's been reading our journal would probably have noticed that last week, we weren't really in the best of moods, and while that was going on, there seemed to be a rash of misuse of the interjection "mou." This is not a good interjection to use improperly to someone who knows what it means and is in a bad mood, especially because, while I could tell myself, "It's okay; they just don't know exactly what it means," I usually then follow that with, "So why are they trying to sound smart by using Japanese!?"

And so, since people like to use what Japanese they know, and it's not my place to stop them, it's a better idea to make sure they use it right.

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So hopefully that was helpful without being too annoying. Sorry about all the ranting and stuff.

Today I'm thankful for getting work orders, long envelopes, peanut butter sandwiches, times when we're not confused, and the hope that confusion will go away.