February 22nd, 2006


"You know, for being Kazuya Minekura, Kazuya Minekura sure likes flowers"

Is Athena's comment upon looking at the cover to Saiyuki Gaiden 2. Thinking about the first four volumes of the reprint of normal Saiyuki, it really seems to be true. And my comment upon reading the first chapter is, "ああ、悟空、わかるわかる!泣けるほどわかる!" which is a little inconsistent with my, "If you're speaking English, speak English," philosophy, but at the time, we were reading Japanese, so it works. I think.

I'm not quite sure why it bothers me so much to hear interjections of Japanese into English, like adding ne? at the end of a sentence. Not that it's a big thing, and we don't think poorly of people who do it; just sometimes I roll my eyes. And it's not like we have any right to complain, constantly leaving the name suffixes in our translations and stuff.

Perhaps it goes back to one time when someone told us to "gambare" and we're both like, "How dare you use sharp command form on us!?" Except I think it goes back farther. And then of course the degree of annoyance is dependent upon who's talking and my mood at the time. Like how one time we took a personality test and one of the questions was something like, "You're in a fight with a friend, and you're friend says, '(insert argumentative and not-quite-grammatically-correct sentence).' Do you notice their grammar mistake?" And both of us have to answer yes.

It's really not fair of me to be that way, though, since I sometimes get into Japanese mode, and then am more likely to exclaim things in Japanese than in English. So I should denounce my annoyance with interjections of Japanese into English right here and now! But I do wish people would make sure they had a full grasp of what they were saying before they said it.

But then, I guess the same could be said of completely English sentences. And probably a lot of the ones said or written by me.

And that's it for my mini-rant. Today I'm thankful for chibi Goku, guard kitties, cookie breaks, ledges under the desk for kitties to sit on, and Oreos.