February 15th, 2006


There's no time!!

Gah, I have so many things I want to write about but I feel like I have so little time!

First, I wanted to plug Gunparade March again, because it's totally awesome. This will be the first time we've actually seen episodes in the middle of a series more times than we've seen the first episodes. We decided to watch volume 2 all the way through again, even though we'd seen almost three out of the four episodes, just because. And then we finally got to the last episode, and realized that we had been missing a lot. The episode doesn't have a whole lot of plot stuff that you wouldn't be able to figure out, but it was hilarious. It would have been a shame to just skip to disc 3.

I love how they handle the characters in this series. There aren't very many episodes, so they don't have time to really develop them, but they do a really good job of illustrating what each of the characters is like. For example, in the fifth episode, after something really bad happens, they pan across a room with the four main characters all being silent, but you can see a lot of the characters' individual personalities just in the way they're sitting or standing. I think it's neat.

I really hope that Gunparade Orchestra is just as good as Gunparade March (or better), because after we realized how much we liked March, we started downloading Orchestra to watch when we're done with March, and since that's taken a lot longer than expected, we now have eighteen unwatched episodes taking up harddrive space.


Last night, after the Daily Show, we decided to use the half hour of the Colbert Report being a rerun to see if we could get a little extra sleep. So I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when it sounded like the TV had been turned on or something. Except then I heard, "This is the Fresno police..." And I realized it wasn't the TV.

So I went out to see what was going on, and apparently, they had an apartment in our complex surrounded, and were saying, "This is the Fresno Police. We have you surrounded. There's nowhere to run. Come out with your hands up. We believe you to be armed and dangerous."

Athena says that might not have been the exact order, but she did hear all those phrases. We don't know what happened after that, but Athena says she saw someone running through our parking lot, who may or may not have been involved.

And here I am talking about random things when I should be getting to work! Augh! But we're not done yet. But that's okay, because Foster's and Teen Titans aren't on this afternoon, so we have time.

See, AX has announced its host hotels. This is a bit of a concern, because we have no idea how we're going to pay for the hotel this year. Well, we have some idea, obviously, which is why we need to get to work. It's just going to be very difficult to gauge our funds until after taxes. We were thinking it might be nice to have our own hotel room this year, for space reasons, and because, since we don't sell fanart, we felt a little bit out of the loop last year. But financially, that might not be plausible.

Of course, financially, it might not be plausible to stay in a hotel at all, in which case we might as well just go to Japan. Except that I'm less afraid of going to Japan than I am of not having the time to get everything ready to go to Japan, so we're probably going to aim for July for that anyway.

At any rate, we need to make sure we have more money, so CLAMP wins over Saiyuki for now. So back to work!!!

Butch Hartman to the rescue!

Somehow, every time we're really depressed or upset about something, Nickelodeon is showing some Butch Hartman thing that we love. Today it was The Fairly OddParents School's Out: The Musical. We needed to get away from the computer for a while, so we went to the living room and watched the second half of Jimmy Neutron (generally out of character for us, but that was, we felt, the best thing on at the time), and it said that FOP was on next, so we figured we might as well see what episode it was, maybe stick around for the first cartoon before getting back to work. Then it was School's Out, and all plans of getting back to work were immediately foiled. But it was good, because Cosmo and Wanda's duet gave me an excuse to cry. A weird excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. My chest still hurts though.

But today I'm thankful that we were blessed with being able to watch School's Out: The Musical, and for Atsushi Hayami, being able to cry, Cosmo and Wanda's duet, and musical instruments that require being hit.