February 14th, 2006


Cue the fanfare!

So today, still needing to get to the post office, we called Mom and asked if she wasn't too busy. She had just spent her lunch hour running around doing non-work stuff, so she asked if it could wait until tomorrow. I'm really not sure what would have happened if I had said it couldn't, but it kind of seemed like it would have to wait until tomorrow unless it was life-threatening, so we just went with it.

By this time we were both very frustrated about not being able to go to the post office, and then we had a big fight. It was really dumb, but we got over it, and just as we were deciding what to do about lunch, our home teacher called and said he could take us to the post office! *fanfare* Yay!! As it turned out, he needed to go to the post office anyway to get a passport application, so we didn't feel bad about being moochers.

And then we got to the post office and got our package, and our home teacher lent me his exacto knife so we could open it in the car. Normally we would have just waited to get home to open it, but I was already holding the knife, so I figured I might as well go with it. And inside was beautiful sparkly Saiyuki manga!!

I'm actually a little tiny bit confused, because normally we're the ones who get manga for other people, not the other way around. It's an interesting twist. And it works very well, because there was no chance we'd be able to spare the money to get these anytime soon. Thank you Sanzo!! We love you!!!

So now we have to decide if we want to translate Gaiden first, or Reload first. Or do we even want to start now, or wait until we've finished this CLAMP no Kiseki translation? We're almost done with the Tsubasa part, so the Kingdom Hearts angst will be minimal, but we do have about half of the book left. We're probably going to want to work on it a little more before we start any Saiyuki anyway, since it's got a deadline. Hmm...

And so today I'm thankful for passport applications being at the post office, sparkly new Saiyuki Gaiden, sparkly new Saiyuki Reload, quesadillas, and Rollos.

Oh! And in other news, we finally got around to Netflixing the second Gunparade March disc again (we were so hoping Mom or Dad would get the series for us for Christmas), and it came today, and the disc looks brand new! Yay! I can't wait to watch it!