February 10th, 2006



We did it. We sent in our applications. There are probably some people who've known us for a long time that were doubtful that we'd actually go through with it, but the time has finally come. I really think it wasn't quite so much out of fear as out of laziness. That and the fact that we like to know exactly what we're doing before we do it, and something like going to Japan is really big, so it requires that much more certainty, and that much more time to work up to it.

So now it's up to them.

I do wonder, knowing myself, if these last few months of being very very poor happened to drive us closer to finally taking some step to get to Japan, while at the same time possibly being punishment for not applying sooner. Or maybe it was just lack of the foresight and responsibility needed to go out and get a "real" job. At any rate, we finally did something, so hopefully we're on the right track. And if we don't get accepted, well, we'll think of something then.

And now our apartment is clean and ready for people to come over and watch Fushigi Yuugi. This should be a good night.

Today I'm thankful for easy applications, vacuumed carpets, Slayers CDs, anime parties, and being able to see Robin attend the Prom.
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