February 9th, 2006


Slight turbulence

So things aren't going as smoothly as I'd hoped. But they're going, and that's the important thing. As it turns out, there was no package for us at the office when we went to pay rent. So we were pretty excited to hear a knock on the door, as soon as we realized that it wasn't our home teacher. That "shave and a haircut" knock is really far too widely used.

And so I signed for the package and then realized that it wasn't from chibidrunksanzo, but from TokyoPop. And it had some very pretty Ai Yori Aoshi manga. Aww! And we know that at least one of these three volumes will go into the bit of plot that we've been dying to know about, because they're the last three volumes. If one of them doesn't go into it, that's just bad writing.

After Teen Titans, Athena got the mail, and lo and behold, there was a package slip. So our package from Sanzo has finally arrived! We put on our shoes and headed to the office to obtain the package... and on our way there Athena looked closer at the slip and realized it said the package will be at the post office, available for pickup after nine tomorrow. *sigh*

But in the meantime, we got to translate a most entertaining chapter about Husky, so everything's all better. And we have a pretty new calendar to mark dates on! We wanted it so we could see a date and when we thought, "What day of the week is that?" we could just look at our calendar and find out. And with the new format for the FutagoHime wallpaper calendars, that just doesn't work. So we got an adorable tiger calendar at the 99cents Only store. And tomorrow we will be applying for the Nova Group.

So today I'm thankful for the ability to read, deals on pretty calendars, tigers (Athena asks what kind of photographer would be brave enough to provoke a tiger into bearing its teeth for a picture), chapters about Husky, and pictures with good lighting.

Am I missing something?

Next week's episode of Smallville will be featuring Cyborg. Now, everything we know about DC Comics comes from the animated serieses, with a few supplements from online quizzes and comments at tv.com, and a tiny bit of behind the scenes info from Marv Wolfman's website. But isn't Cyborg a Teen Titan? And if he was a Teen Titan several years after Superman had been in Metropolis battling evil as Superman, then he'd have to be maybe twelve at the very oldest in order to appear in Smallville. Unless there's another Cyborg we don't know about, which is entirely possible.