February 7th, 2006


Another Day

We were so not looking forward to FHE tonight, but as it turns out, it was a really good thing we went. First of all, our home teacher actually showed up, which gave us a chance to remind him that he promised to get some catfood for us, the punk. And then when we were talking about our other woes (I had to talk to Mom today; it wasn't pretty), we mentioned how we needed a printer, and it so happens that he has one that he's not using. Why didn't I think to ask him before? Why didn't he realize that our printer was dead when we asked him to print our contracts? The world may never know. But, since we didn't tell him about the new contract policy before, it very easily could have been thought of as a one-time thing.

And then as our FHE activity, we got to go to the nickel arcade and play the American version of DDR. Either it was way more strenuous, or we're really out of shape. But! They had Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo! But sadly, the sound was turned way down, so we didn't get to hear Hoshi-san's beautiful voice. Ah well; we'll just have to pull out the home version.

And then one of the guys there gave us a five-gallon tub of ice cream. Not sure why. It was there, for refreshments or an activity or something, and we're like, "Ooohh, ice cream... Too exhausted to eat..." So the guy said, "You can take it home if you want." And we're like, "Really?" And he's like, "Yeah." And we're still like, "Really?" But we took it anyway. And now it is ours, and if they want it back they'll have to come take it away!

But we won't put up much of a fight, because it's just vanilla. Still, it's good for the soul.

So tonight we're very thankful for people giving us ice cream, DDR and its other incarnations, people letting us cry, extra printers, and Yamino's image song.
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"I'm sad. We didn't get a check or a package."

That was Athena's comment on coming back from getting the mail today. See, chibidrunksanzo had told us that she was getting us Christmas/birthday presents, but that one of them didn't come out until the end of January, so we'd be getting them in February. This of course sent us into a flurry of speculation, as about a bazillion things we want came out at the end of January. Almost all of them on January 25, actually.

Still, the package has yet to come, or at least we have yet to be notified of its arrival. And according to Sanzo, it should have arrived by now. Sometimes the mail guy doesn't come to our door or leave a package slip, so when we're expecting stuff we have to go ask the managers if it came. Normally, that's not a problem, since our managers are very very nice. In fact, it's gotten to the point that they'll call us if we haven't come to get our package by the end of the day.

But this month, there's the problem of rent. Since we haven't paid rent, and it's already late, we don't want to go to the office until we have rent. It's not so much that we're afraid they'll yell at us for not having rent (like I said, they're very nice). It's more that we feel like we don't deserve their help if we don't give them what we owe them.

So basically, we just need to get a check. And when we do, we can call our home teacher for a ride to the bank, at the same time reminding him that he said he'd give us his extra printer. Then either he'd bring it (if he's coming from his house), or he'd remember to bring it next time he comes over. We'd go to the bank, deposit the check, come back, pay rent, get our package, talk to the management about a month-to-month lease, come home, print out the stuff we need to print out and get it ready to send, and then apply to work for the Nova Group. And then use whatever is in the package from Sanzo to help us calm down from the scary stuff. Tadah! Much happiness will ensue. And we'll worry about bills later.

And in the meantime, we wait. Or we could just call our home teacher about the printer anyway. We'll see what happens.

Today I'm thankful for iced oatmeal cookies, package slips, freezers, tortillas, and cheese graters.
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