February 5th, 2006


February 5th

February 5th kind of started to be a landmark day for us in 2003. This is mainly just because we remember lots of things, and have all sorts of landmark days, like the day Muppet Treasure Island came out in theaters (Feb.16, 1996), as opposed to the day we saw it for the first time (Feb.19, 1996). Athena also remembers days like the first day we went on Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (May 16, 1996), as well as the day we almost went on it, but ended up going on Jungle Cruise instead, because Sarah didn't want to go on it (Jan.4, 1996). Wow, thinking about it, 1996 was full of landmarks for us. It's also the first year we did anime cosplay (April 28; Athena was Sailor Moon and I was Sailor Mercury at a belated Mardi Gras party).

Anyway, February 5th. It became a landmark day when, after being depressed from having beaten Final Fantasy X earlier that day, we discovered that the cast for the DN Angel anime would be different than the cast for the CD dramas. It later became easier to remember as a date, because it's Lacus Clyne's birthday. The very next year was even worse, as it was the day we saw the near-final English version of the DN Angel manga, the day before it went to print.

I don't think anything really happened last year on this day, but this year, we get to add to the list: The day we got a creepy phonecall at 4:30 in the morning.

Because it was so early, it was especially creepy, and I was seriously thinking along the lines of The Ring or some other such movie with creepy phonecalls. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad. By the time I actually answered the phone, I had realized that it might be a wrong number. Athena points out that it might have been a desperate emergency, so it might have even been a family member. Except that it wasn't.

When I answered, the guy on the other end asked, as if to confirm, "Miss Nibley?" Only he didn't pronounce it quite right. Maybe I shouldn't have confirmed, but I did, and then he started making small talk, asking how I was and stuff. After a few exchanges, I asked, "Um, who is this?" And he said it was Daniel, and I said I didn't think I knew any Daniels, which isn't true, because I actually kind of know a couple, but I doubt either of them would call me to chat at four-thirty in the morning. He said he got our number from a friend, in kind of the tone of voice Sam used to tell Paulina that the amulet was from her grandmother. By that time, I didn't have the courage to try to get anything else out of him--he sounded friendly, yet smug, and something about his laugh sounded a little evil or malicious. So I said I wanted to go to sleep and we both hung up. Or at least, I hung up, but I didn't hang up on him.

Needless to say, we were both rather freaked out after this. We didn't know what to do, except to say a prayer and go back to sleep, and leave the phone in the bedroom in case someone broke in and we needed to call 911. Still, with nerves and adrenaline, it was really hard to get back to sleep, and every time there was the slightest noise, I had to stop and listen for a while before I was satisfied that it wasn't an evil stalker. It probably took about an hour before I got to sleep again, and after making sure to get to bed a little early, too. Sad.

To top it all off, when we turned on the computer and AIM started up, it started the trailer for When a Stranger Calls.

And what with that and rent being due and other intimidating things going on, I am very tired today. Good thing it's the day of rest.

And so today I'm thankful that God is watching out for us, and for Lacus Clyne, having some idea of what's going on with the FHE refreshments, a home teacher who will buy catfood for us, and having some time to relax.