January 28th, 2006


Back to our roots

Tonight, we started watching Fushigi Yuugi again. Oh it's sappy, but we love it. This time, we noticed in the credits that Tomokazu Seki was one of the guards in the second episode, so now we're not only listening for Shin-ichiro Miki, but pretty much any Seishi that hasn't shown up yet. Tokaki was an extra in episode 4. Man, can you imagine a time when Seki-san was unknown enough for them to get his name wrong in the credits?

Fushigi Yuugi I think actually taught us a lot of Japanese. It was trying to make our way through the FY novels that really helped us out, though I'm still convinced that if we were to look back on those translations we'd be horrified at how bad and wrong they are. Good thing so few pepole read them.

Oh! Speaking of bad and wrong! ...man it sounds mean when I put it like that. Still, we were deeply saddened to see this. We heard there was going to be an Emperor's New Groove series, and our first reaction was, "Oh, no..." But then we reminded ourselves of the Hercules series, which was totally awesome (so long as you disregard certain important points in the movie), so we decided it was worth checking out.

And then we found out that it wasn't. It was pretty much just all the writer's favorite lines from the movie put together in an episode and delivered poorly. The least they could have done was had some kind of moral, but there was none of that, either. Although it was really funny when they saw the yeti on the way to Yzma's lab, the rest of it was just bad. The only reason we kept watching was to see the credits. And it was very, very hard. I still don't understand why the 18-year-old emperor is going to high school. And what's Kronk doing there? We can figure he's probably already graduated, because, one, Kuzco asked Yzma in the movie if he's in his late twenties, and two, he asked Pacha if they were in an interpretive dance class together.

Of course, the Hercules series involved a lot of similar things that require you to ignore the movie (as I have pointed out), but they were still more believable than those, and the series as a whole was much better.

Oh well. I'll just think about Danny Phantom and Fushigi Yuugi and be happy.

Tonight I'm thankful for inflatable furniture, Fushigi Yuugi, anime parties, people talking on the forums, and depositing money in the bank.


So here we were, we had just finished working through a CD and then checking Internet stuff when we heard a knock at the door. This was most unexpected. Impressively, the person knocking was able to use the knocker without making us jump. So I open the door, and there's the bishop and another guy from our ward, bearing a Pizza Hut pizza. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

And! It was the new cheesy bites pizza, where the crust is made up of little detachable... rolls maybe? that are filled with cheese. It was most delicious. And also in the pizza box was a twenty dollar bill. We are very very blessed.

I'm still not sure how to take all of this. I mean, obviously we're grateful, and very happy to have pizza. It just feels so unusual to get so much help, and to have the helpers seem so happy to do it. I guess we're just still afraid that people will think of us the same way Mom does, and even though it seems pretty obvious that they don't, it's kind of hard to believe that, if your own mother thinks of you as worthless and helpless, anyone else would think otherwise. Ah, but now I'm going off on another "our mother is evil" rant.

Changing the subject, Danny Phantom! I was hoping they'd show the new episode again this morning so I'd have a better excuse to talk about it, but I can make up my own excuse. Obviously we both thought the episode was great, and that goes without saying, but what I really want to talk about is the Hatsuharu hair. I won't explain what it was doing there in case people who want to see the episode haven't, but there was Hatsuharu hair. And that of course makes us wonder if Butch Hartman or anyone on his team is a Fruits Basket fan. It could easily have been a coincidence, but it makes us think of something that happened a long time ago...

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Ironically, I'm missing Reign Storm as I type this. But we need to get back to work.