January 25th, 2006


What a coincidence

Wow, when I made my last post, I had no idea that January 24th had been determined to be the most depressing day of the year. Actually, I wasn't too depressed, though that was some very sad news.

Tonight I'm thankful for letter-writing, chocolate milk, having feeling in my toes, being done with seminary, and UPS.
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    it's amazing how similar "Taiyou no Basho" is to "Day Break"
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The Japanese word for today is "inochi-shirazu"

So Jeopardy!, or at least the first part of it, was intercepted by some breaking news today. Apparently a guy held up a bank in a nearby county, and he had some hostages. Last we saw, at least half of the hostages were released, and they were still negotiating with him. They also said he let the hostages call their families to let them know they were alright. The way they were talking about it, it made us think that, if we were ever in a hostage situation, we would probably be more bored than anything else. And annoyed that our time was being wasted, unless I was going through a really busy time; then it would be a nice break and chance to think about things.

Thinking about it later, I realized that that's probably not the case, since the whole point of being a hostage is the guy gets what he wants or you die, and you never know when he might use you to let the cops know he's serious. But as long as he stayed calm... then, I don't know how calm a guy could be if he's holding up a bank. I watch way too much TV, though, so I can imagine some characters that would almost treat it as a routine. Of course, they're probably the types of characters who would calmly shoot you, too, so...

Although it is possible that we'd still be bored (unless we happened to have books or something), depending on the guy (or girl). We had about a million bomb threats in high school, and they stopped being scary at about the second one. One time, they evacuated the school during our calculus class, so while we waited for them to let us back in, we all decided to try to spell a word for the news copters. But it was the calculus class, so there weren't enough of us to spell out a whole word, so our teacher decided we'd do an H for Mr. H. Then we thought it would be neat to get the physics class to be an I for us and we could say HI to the helicopters, but the physics class was dumb and wouldn't cooperate.

Good times.

Tonight I'm thankful for not being held hostage, my brain not melting, warm showers, butter soft enough to spread, and cheese popcorn.

I really hope all the hostages got out okay.

Kage Kara Mamoru

I know I've mentioned this series before, but I have to mention it again because it makes me very happy, so I want to share it with everyone. It's called Kage Kara Mamoru, and anyone who likes ninjas should at least see the first episode.

A couple of groups have started fansubbing it, and there are two different versions of the first episode (both released in the past few days) available for download here! Check it out!