January 14th, 2006


I don't have time to think of a subject!!!

It gives me hope in the children of America that Nickelodeon seems to have rearranged their Saturday morning schedule to show an hour of Fairly OddParents and an hour of Danny Phantom. It's nice to know they have good taste.

Wow, that sounds arrogant. I needed a clever intro; I'm not sure that worked.

Anyway, we thought we'd take advantage of the half hour break between the shows to update LJ. Kind of wish we'd been paying more attention so we could have watched the second FOP, since we caught the very end of it (normally, they'd be showing Danny Phantom right now) and we haven't seen that one. Oh well; it was a good episode of Ueki no Housoku, anyway.

Apparently Tara Strong played Star in last night's episode of Danny Phantom. That was really weird, because the first time Star had a big enough role that it mattered, we thought she was Tara Strong, but on listening closer (and we think reading the credits, but now we're not sure anymore), we realized she was Grey DeLisle, who is actually probably my favorite American voice actress right now. (She's Sam in DP, Vicky in FOP, Lor in Weekenders, Frankie in Foster's, the Wonder Twins in Justice League--name an animated show, she's probably in it. Except for Teen Titans, strangely enough.)

Tara Strong, on the other hand, I'm not so sure about. At first, I didn't care, since she was Batgirl, who I like, but didn't ever see enough of to form much of an opinion, and then she was Bubbles in PowerPuff Girls, and that was kind of neat. But we didn't really hear her voice much until we played Final Fantasy X, and for some reason she bothered me. I couldn't tell you why; just as Rikku talked more and more, I liked her less and less, which is ironic, because usually if they talk more, you get more used to the idea of their voice and it's not so bad. And then you start the game over again, and you're back to, "No, Tidus, please, just don't speak."

And then she was Bou in Spirited Away, and that bothered me too for some reason. But then we started watching Teen Titans and Fairly OddParents and Fillmore, and we started to like her a lot. And then she was in Drawn Together. That show makes me very, very sad. And for some reason I can forgive Cree Summer and Jess Harnell for being in it, but not Tara Strong. Maybe it's because she's the Disney princess parody, which they got totally wrong (I'm all for parodies, but they have to be done right), or maybe it's because she's two characters, or maybe it's because Jess Harnell's not in anything anyway, and you can't expect a black girl to be played by anyone but Cree Summer. Not that we're racist--that just seems to be how it is.

With Fairly OddParents and Teen Titans, it's easy to forget about Tara Strong being in Drawn Together, but then we watch the Daily Show and see commercials and we're reminded again. Man, I wish people could do parodies right, without being disturbing and gross.

I liked her a lot better in Final Fantasy X-2. Maybe because her Rikku voice started to remind me of Timmy.

Anyway, switching gears a little...


So Kazuya Minekura has updated her website, and this time, she's got new wallpapers up for download in the "Special" section! Oh, but it's so hard to decide which one to use! She's got Saiyuki Reload, Gaiden, and Bus Gamer! I look at the FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime wallpaper we've got up now and I'm like, "The cuteness! It burns, it burns!!!"

Okay, so it's not that bad or we wouldn't have put it up to begin with, but it is quite a contrast.

But the screaming is more about the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock vocal albums. This time they're going to have songs for Kamisama and Hazel, too! On the one hand, I'm like, "Eeee! Kamisama song!" and on the other, I'm rather frightened. I do love Daisuke Namikawa, though. Now we have even more motivation to get more work, or sell kidneys on eBay.

And now it's almost time for Danny Phantom! Yay!