January 10th, 2006


The magic of Kingdom Hearts

There's just something about the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack that raises productivity. It does tend to be about ten to fifteen minutes longer than the rest of our CDs, but we still got twice as much work done per disc, even with the occasional interjection of, "Someday, we will play it again." Or maybe we just coincidentally happened to be at a part that was easier to translate. Either way, it's nice to feel productive.

Oreo's been following us around all day. I wonder if he misses having Celeste around, or if he just wishes we'd stop going out to random places. Ah well.

Tonight I'm thankful for raised productivity, not having to go out, new serieses where we get to hear Ishida-san, sparkly curly ribbon thingies, and doorknobs.

Oh! And tomorrow they're showing the episode of Teen Titans with Kid Flash♥! Check your local listings!