December 25th, 2005


Ho ho ho!

So now that Celeste is in bed and I don't feel like we'll be bad hosts for sitting here typing, and we've settled down and are able to think straight, and we finally got to read our e-mail from Clay and open our present from baranoneko, we're calm enough to write a LiveJournal entry. Though this CD might be a little distracting. Not that anyone would notice that anyway.

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But then we came home, and everything was better. After we calmed down, anyway. We got an email from Clay, which was surprising, because I had only sent him an email yesterday. It was a very happy email, too, and he started talking about seiyuu, which means I'll have a much easier time trying to decide what to say in my response. Darn perfectionism.

And! After Celeste went to bed, we opened our present from Kat, and it was Sano's single from Ueki no Housoku! This was exactly what we needed--a song sung by Soichiro Hoshi. And to top it all off, it's from our favorite Ueki no Housoku! And! The background music sounds kind of like Xenogears music!

In the bonus track VA message, Hoshi-san says he would be really happy if people would listen to the first and second tracks on loop, which is exactly what we planned to do, and are doing now. He also said it's a little low tempo, so it might be kind of surprising to think of it as Sano's song, but if you look at the lyrics, you realize it can be no one but Sano, which is exactly what Athena thought about it.

So tonight I am very, very thankful for good friends, good sisters, Seiichiro Sano, ice cream toppings, and Japanese pen pals.