December 22nd, 2005


My goodness.

Seriously, I thought we were being good. Every time there's a night over at Mom's place that I look back on and think we were being good, apparently we weren't. On the bright side, we have one of the best home teachers ever.

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The worst part is that Sarah is really hoping for a Merry Christmas with everyone this year. She's going to talk to Mom and Steve tonight, so hopefully people will be calm and not feeling like everyone is out to get them. Also hopefully we'll be able to get to a grocery store, because we're almost out of food for the Twins, and if Celeste is going to be staying with us, she'll need something to eat, too.

But tonight I'm thankful for home teachers who are willing to drive us home and listen to us rant about our crazy family, free food, Wind Waker, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and corn Chex.
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