December 6th, 2005


Me and my long sentences...

For Family Home Evening tonight, we went on a hayride. It was our first hayride ever, and we realized why we've never been on one before. Although if it weren't for our crazy fear of people, it might have been more fun. But I really think that it's not a good idea to sing Christmas carols with the attitude of being a drunken fraternity. Not that we know what a real drunken fraternity sounds like, and in fact, it probably wasn't actually that bad, but the lack of unity in singing was really bugging both of us. And we found out later in the evening that apparently a very select few of the people there knew a full verse to any of the songs we attempted singing. And now I'm just ranting.

Anyway, we were very happy to make it home. Originally, the plan was to work more on translating so we could get to the shiny new manga that much more quickly (nothing motivates the Twins like sparkly new manga waiting to be translated), but we were both too tired, and nothing was on any of the channels listed on the TV Guide channel, so we turned it to the Asian channel (for some reason unlisted) and watched a weird movie that appeared to take place during WWII, and had a guy who looked like Pat Morita, who actually turned out to be Pat Morita. I think it was about an American soldier who had to escape from Japan with the help of this girl he fell in love with and her father, but it was a little hard to tell, since we only caught the last half hour.

Tonight I'm thankful for warm kitties, sparkly new manga that's waiting to be translated, apartment managers that let us know when we have a package even when the UPS guy doesn't, the ever-approaching opportunity to get back to translating manga manga rather than magazine-type things about manga, and the ability to translate magazine-type things about manga.

And our lesson for today is that ginger bread blasts are much better in theory than in practice.

Falalalala lala la la~~

I forgot to mention last night that the Danny Phantom Christmas special premieres tonight! I really like the commercials: "...and Danny Fenton just can't get the Christmas spirit. So the Christmas spirits are going to get him." I'm deathly afraid of getting caught up in Gilmore Girls and forgetting to change the channel. They just had to air it during Gilmore Girls. Oh well.

I also forgot to mention that yesterday was Walt Disney's birthday. We should have done something, but we had FHE, so I guess it couldn't have been helped. Still, Walt Disney is a big inspiration for us, so we should at least mention his birthday.

I am the Box Ghost!

We just watched the Danny Phantom Christmas special, and it was awesome (as if you expected me to say anything else). I definitely think that Butch Hartman is better with Christmas specials than Halloween ones. The music was really cool, too. Definitely going to have to catch it again before it goes away until next year. At least, it should be on again... Right...?

We were hoping to finish CLAMP no Kiseki 9 today, but that essay, man. Looks are very deceiving. Just because there's a lot of empty space and a relatively large font size does not mean that translating will be easy. Man, this guy is as bad as I am for long sentences. Maybe tomorrow. And then for some reason I keep thinking, "And then we'll be on Ai Yori Aoshi, which is perfect for Christmas time!" I'm not quite sure why that is, but I suspect it has something to do with translating two AYA Christmas story arcs since we started this series. But, talking it over right now, we think it was summer when we last left Kaoru and his harem. Oh well.

Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for Danny Phantom Christmas Specials, Christmas specials in general, How to Draw Manga books with glossaries, websites explaining good ways of traveling with cats, and rhyme.

And now, off to look up the guy who played the Ghost Writer.