November 23rd, 2005


Of all the random...

Today is one of those days where we're bored but don't want to do anything productive. But then when I start thinking like that, I start to feel guilty for not being productive. It's only a little frustrating because we have been productive today (and our bedroom's all nice and clean now).

And Mom just called asking if we could teach them how to play Mahjong. Why the sudden interest in Mahjong? Because they were watching MulanII, and it starts our with them playing Mahjong. I find this to be very strange, because when I think of Mahjong, I reeeeeally don't think of Disney. Although I do seem to remember a Goofy cartoon involving poker and cigars, so I guess I'm just falling into the "Disney is full of hearts and flowers" way of thinking, which isn't really accurate.

So now we've been charged with figuring out all the rules (again) and teaching them to play sometime before Celeste flies in for Christmas. This could be fun, but I'm bad with competition. Depending on the opponent, I either feel guilty when I'm winning or the need to completely destroy the other player. And since Steve will be involved, I'm sure it will be the latter. And that means I want to make sure I'm better at Mahjong than Steve. It's almost enough to make me wish we'd kept all those episodes of Mahjong Legend Akagi. All I remember for sure is that sleight of hand can be a very useful thing in Mahjong.

I do wish we still had our Saiyuki 9 translation with all the Mahjong footnotes. Maybe we should ask our boss for a copy of the English version. We actually learned a lot reformatting that volume. A lot that is now forgotten, except for one bit about being able to take discarded tiles out of turn, which we were reminded of from Akagi.