November 20th, 2005


EAT IT!!!!

HA! HA HA!!! We have finished!! Take that, insane rush translation! And it's only 12:30!!! Aaahh, life is good. I am very grateful that we were able to get this done; I shouldn't be so cocky.

To try and give an idea of how intense this translation was, the last volume of Fruits Basket we turned in was a 188 page book, and the translation, with the special format that makes things seem like three times as long, was 142 pages on Word. This book, keeping in mind that there were many paragraphs and thus a lot less extra space in the file for the translation, was 32 pages and the translation was 72. It was rough, man. With lots of unfamiliar kanji and almost no furigana and my inability to type making it nigh impossible to look things up. Now I know why Peter was crying when he couldn't get his shadow on.

And all the things we had to look up! We actually still have to go through and fix all the highlighted bits, but that shouldn't take too long. But for the most part, we're done, and we can enjoy a nice, restful Sunday. And hopefully, we'll get a ride to church.

The Peter Pan play was... inspiring. The directors in both of us were going off like nobody's business. Which of course inspires us to put on our own show. Until we realize that that's a lot of effort, and would require more than just us. Heck, maybe we'll do it anyway this time. Also, I kept thinking, "Peter should be more like this! ...which happens to be just like Disney's Peter Pan! We should watch!" But we couldn't tonight, obviously.

And tonight I'm thankful for finishing translations, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, Peter Pan, learning new things, and heat.

PS: I have music from the Peter Pan Broadway musical in my head, but the show we saw was the original, pre-musical version, edited to give Tinkerbell lines. *sigh*

Adventures in Sunday School... er, after Sunday School

We had lots of talks on gratitude today (obviously), so I felt bad about my gloating last night. I was just really excited that we did manage to finish it without working on Sunday. We both prayed that that would be the case, and we're thankful that things turned out the way they did.

On a completely different note, church is getting to be an exercise in insanity. Or patience or something. Mostly centering on our inability to drive ourselves there (and learning to drive wouldn't help as there's no chance we'd be able to afford a car or insurance in our current circumstances). I meant to call the girl in our ward who lives kind of across the street from us and ask her to drive us last night (you'd think we would have set up a regular thing), but I got caught up in translating and forgot.

So I had prayed that we'd be able to get a ride to church this morning, even though it was short notice. As I was reading my scriptures, the phone rang. It was Mom, who apparently is not avoiding us, asking if we needed a ride to church. This was very happy, but a little scary because of our inability to get a ride home from church two weeks ago. That's why when our home teacher called asking if we needed a ride to church, I told him that we had a ride there but would need a ride back. He said no problem, and we were very happy that we knew how we would get to church and back.

So after Relief Society we waited in the foyer for our HT to find us, since he said he would and I was very tired and my head was hurting a little (I woke up with a headache; I think it's because I ate almost nothing yesterday and then chose to stay in bed for a long time before getting up to feed myself). And we waited. And waited. And while we waited, our HT's companion (also known as "our other home teacher") walked by and said hi, and then realized that we probably needed a ride home, so he asked. We told him our other HT was going to give us a ride, so we were fine. And we waited.

And then while we waited, we met one of Steve's home teachees (also known as "home taught"), and we had a very nice conversation and we told him that he should watch Danny Phantom. He was very friendly. But then the choir stopped practicing and we realized we had been waiting for our first HT for more than an hour, and if we didn't find a ride home soon, we would be lucky to get home at all. So we started wandering around in search of our ride, who of course is no where to be found.

So we decided to wait near the Bishop's office, because if anyone from our ward who would take pity on us and drive us home was still at church, that's probably where they would be. And then Mom found us and skipped a little bit of her church (which we suspect she was planning to do anyway, but we can't be sure) to drive us home. Overall, I think it was beneficial, because we have tentative plans to go out with her and Sarah tomorrow, and it's nice to do stuff with Sarah.

And we weren't home more than ten minutes before our HT called and apologized profusely for forgetting about us. His parents called him for something and he had to take off, and he says he's not used to having to pay attention to other things that might need taking care of. I wonder if I wasn't hard enough on him, though, because I have a habit of saying "it's okay" when the first thing out of someone's mouth is "I'm sorry." He even said, "No it's not okay!" and it really isn't, but as long as he learned his lesson and it doesn't happen again (which he said it wouldn't), then I'm over it. We are home, after all.

Now I'm tired. And I'm very grateful that we made it home, and that there are people in the world who are willing to admit that they made mistakes (we hope we're two of them), and that we got to talk to Steve's home teachee, and that I got to eat lunch, and that we can spend the rest of the day relaxing.