October 26th, 2005



So we finally get back from a long night spent at the TV (we Netflixed Finding Neverland, and watched it between Gilmore Girls and the Daily Show) and find people on our friends list posting which Teen Titan they are and we're really excited to go take the quiz but the site is down for maintenance!!!!

They say they'll be back up in about two hours, but that's very late. It's just as well. I'm very tired, and that might affect my results. We'll take the test tomorrow.

And tonight I'm thankful for eyeglasses, e-mail, the Colbert Report, ftp servers, and pretzels.
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And here I am, not posting which Teen Titan I am

I took the quiz, but I decided it wasn't that big a deal. Too easy to rig. I got Starfire, which is great because we haven't seen anyone get her, and I really like her, but I just didn't care that much. And the description didn't really match. Then I went and changed my favorite to Nightwing and it changed my results to Raven. It does make sense that your favorite Titan would be one that you share similarities with, though, so I decided that is a valid question after all.

A while after we finally got into Teen Titans (a little over a year ago), we actually did compare Titans to the Posse we had in college. It was after the Posse dissolved, but Athena was still in "Oh! Group of five! Who would be whom?" mode. She decided I would be Robin, because I was the instigator for a lot of what we did, and she would be Cyborg because he was the second-in-command who also played video games a lot. Her being Cyborg also had to do with how she got along with Sanzo, who, ironically, would be Beast Boy. Since Cyborg and Beast Boy play video games together a lot and stuff. It made sense at the time. And Sanzo really does match Beast Boy very well, as indicated by her results of the "Which Teen Titan would you be?" quiz.

Our Kougaiji would be Raven, because she was the one who seemed to distance herself from everyone else, except in the case of Sanzo, and she and Sanzo got along kind of the same as Raven and Beast Boy, though Kougaiji had a tendency to be a lot more accommodating of Sanzo. That left Gojyo as Starfire, which I guess works in that Starfire spends more time with Raven than the other Titans do. We didn't really have a Starfire. I wonder if that was our problem.