October 14th, 2005


Be afraid...

Okay, so you don't have to be afraid, but we're afraid. We're watching While You Were Out, and the phone rings. It's Mom, sounding surprisingly chipper after my previous phone conversation with her, when she said she was looking forward to going home and getting some sleep.

"Do you have a date tonight?" she asks. "Not as far as I know..." I respond. She said something, I mentioned Danny Phantom being on at eight thirty, she sounded disappointed, and I, never wanting to be left out, pointed out that DP would most likely be a rerun, and if it wasn't they'd show the same episode tomorrow morning at eleven, and probably again at six-thirty on Monday, not to mention whenever they do encores on Sunday. At some point during this conversation, she turned to whoever she was with and told them that Danny Phantom was on tonight.

I managed to satisfy her that we could miss Danny Phantom, expecting her then to tell me what she was planning, as she usually does. This time, however, she showed no sign of doing so. So I asked her why she wanted to know. "Just wondering," was all I got. And then we hung up.

And now, we are afraid.

Um... don't... be afraid...?

I don't appreciate people messing with my head. I should have seen it coming though, when Mom told whoever she was with that we were planning to watch Danny Phantom. If Mom was thinking of Danny Phantom as a valid excuse for not doing whatever it was she was calling about, then she probably didn't want to do it to begin with.

So as you may have guessed, we got to watch Danny Phantom tonight. We're used to people making extremely tentative plans and not following through, so it wasn't too much of a shock. Really there are only two things that bug me about it. First, the episode of Danny Phantom was Identity Crisis, which they've seriously shown about a bazillion times in the last few weeks. Second, obviously Mom and probably Steve are plotting something, and we don't know what it is. And since we're both very curious by nature, even to the point of eavesdropping and sometimes outright spying, this is upsetting. But then, for all we know, it was another one of Scott's little league games, which Steve has indicated that he thinks would be a great treat for us to be invited to, considering our passion for sports. Bleh.

Ah well. Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for anime that we have the right codecs to watch, Artemis the cat, Uruki, Tomite, teddy bears, and wolves.