October 13th, 2005



You know, I keep saying I'm trying to stop hating certain people, and stop being bitter and everything, but sometimes something happens and I'm not really sure that I'm trying all that hard.

You guessed it. Steve called.

I don't even know what happened. I had gotten all ready to ask him what would make a weekend up there so much more fun than a weekend down here, and I did, and he answered, and I still wasn't seeing it, and someone said something and now I'm almost ready to rip people's heads off.

I wish I could remember the conversation in more detail, because then I could analyze it a little better and more accurately determine who's right here. Athena says it doesn't matter who's right in general; the main concern is what we're doing for Thanksgiving, and we still don't want to go to Seattle.

She suspects that part of the problem is that Steve's persistence is requiring us to explain our stubbornness, which is bringing up a lot of issues that may best be left alone. Our remembering what happened a year ago doesn't really seem to be doing anyone any good. But then I remember that talk about hidden wedges and wonder if maybe it is.

But now that he's stated clearly that he feels no guilt over what happened, then it seems like there's not a whole lot else we can do to rectify the situation. I guess a more detailed explanation is in order here.

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Today we ended up slacking. It was meant to be, though. The second episode of the Cosby Show was one filled with the sort of mishap that we have a hard time watching, so I said, "Fairly OddParents might be on Nickelodeon." We changed the channel, and lo and behold, they were showing Danny Phantom. We had seen that episode recently, but we can't say no to Danny Phantom (unless we've seen the episode four times in the last three days), so we watched. And lo and behold, next was another episode of Danny Phantom.

The second episode (probably actually the third, but the second one we caught) happened to be My Brother's Keeper, which seems to be widely accepted as one of the best Danny Phantom episodes ever, and we have a hard time disagreeing. I like seeing the relationship between Danny and Jazz. We had a really easy time relating with Danny, too, especially in exchanges like this:

Jazz: You're just not going to listen to me, are you?
Danny: Nope. *satisfied smile*

And so we definitely felt some tender mercies. I wonder if there might have been some subtle hinting, too, because the next episode they showed (yup! there was another one) was one of the ones where Danny remembers that he does, in fact, love his dad. But I'm still like, "Steve's not our dad. This doesn't apply." Athena suggests that it might apply to Mom, considering our current situation with the IRS, but then they should have shown Maternal Instincts, because Nickelodeon really cares about the two of us specifically. And now Athena's pointing out that Danny's mom doesn't mess things up like Jack does. Not that we think Mom's incompetent, just that we think it would be nice if she would help us fix the problem, since this time it really is her responsibility.

Anyway, after Danny Phantom, we turned to While You Were Out and it was an episode we had only seen half of, in which they were building one of the coolest tree houses of all time. And thus we spent most of our afternoon in front of the TV. And then we went to Enrichment, which mostly involved, in our case, supervising children as they decorated sugar cookies. It was actually pretty nice, but we came home tired. And despite that I've still typed up a fair-lengthed entry. But the continuation of the Steve saga will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tonight I'm thankful for Jasmine Fenton, mountains, peanut butter, Everwood (when it's being good), and kitties swallowing their medicine.