October 4th, 2005


Zero hour! Woohoo!!

Just good timing, I guess. Tonight I ate an entire serving of Red Robin's mud pie. That was an interesting experience. I wanted to stop about halfway through, but I'd already said I could totally eat all of it, so I kept going and found my second wind. What kind of a Goku would I be if I couldn't handle that, anyway?

And tonight I'm thankful for digestion, not being forgotten, pretty costumes, Namame, and tic-tacs.
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I blame society.

I considered locking this entry because I'm not sure what could happen if the wrong people read it, but then I decided to be optimistic. I do think it's a little backwards for professional translators to go into fansubbing. I only think it might be a problem because we're doing it for a group that does licensed stuff, but they're based in Europe, so I don't know what the deal is there. (Those of you who were around when we were all watching GensoMaden Saiyuki fansubs might remember Spectre Anime.) But it wouldn't have happened if we had had more to do and if there hadn't been so many things reminding us of Mujin Wakusei Survive, so I blame society.

I don't even remember what happened to get us hooked on the series. We downloaded it because we were surfing Japanese Akira Ishida fansites to see if we could find his favorite color, and one of the sites said that he was in it. We watched the first few episodes, and the characters were pretty good, but the story wasn't that gripping (and Athena really hated Sharla), so we didn't stick with it. But then something happened to get us to watch it again (I think we were hit by an intense wave of Ishida-san obsession), and we had just gotten a new hard drive, so we went ahead and downloaded the batch file with the first thirteen episodes.

As we got further into it, we got more attached to the characters and stuff, and it got to be a nice, warm fuzzy series, very good for calming down after visits to Mom's place. And so we got addicted. But then we got to episode 21, and the next episode available for download was 27. Skipping five episodes is usually a bad idea, we've realized, so we decided to wait until Spectre released some more. We even checked the forums at AnimeSuki to see if there was any chance of 22 being released soon. All we got was an ad from Spectre for more translators to work on it. We were really busy at the time, so we gave up on the idea.

Then we started watching Tide-Line Blue, which has the same character designer. I don't think that would have reminded us of the series to the point of going delinquent if we didn't also start watching Oku-sama wa Joshikousei (we have eclectic taste!), in which the main guy is played by Mitsuaki Madono. Madono-san plays Kaoru, the angsty ninja-esque boy shrouded in mystery in Mujin Wakusei Survive, so everytime we watched Oku-sama wa Joshikousei, we were reminded of how much we really wanted to know Kaoru's deal. This is really weird now that I think of it, because Madono-san is also Kon (pronounced with a long O; minor pet peeve) in Bleach, but Kon didn't remind me of Survive at all. And neither Ichimaru-sensei nor Kon is anything like Kaoru. It must really be Tide-Line Blue's fault.

And then work slowed down. No work plus a stimulated addiction equals delinquency. They say idle hands are the devil's playground, after all. So we checked AnimeSuki to see if that ad was still there, we emailed the person in charge, and here we are. Interestingly, we got the virus soon after we finished downloading the first episode we were to translate. I wonder if it was a sign. But by then we'd already promised to do it. It also happens to be the episode that gives Kaoru's backstory.

I have a ton of stuff to talk about with our adventures in fansubbing (even though we've only worked on one episode), but I'm kind of distracted right now. It would be awesome to get eight people and a robotic cat to cosplay this series. We could even do the outfits at the end of the ending sequence. That would be fun.

As for the distraction. Steve called and the question of Thanksgiving has finally been brought up. He goes up to visit his family in Washington every year, and this year we're invited. Yay. I told him that we don't want to go, and when he asked if it was because of the long car ride or because it would be his family, I honestly told him that it was both. In response, he repeated his three arguments to me a few times and then let me go so we could discuss it.

His three arguments are:

1)You shouldn't be away from family for big holidays like this. This doesn't quite work, because we blame him for the fact that we were kind of ditched last Thanksgiving and Christmas. I guess that's not really fair, because it was our crazy scheme to try working for Disneyland that made it so we couldn't join them, but Mom didn't seem to broken up about it, and we also blame Steve for the necessity of the crazy Disneyland scheme. I know; we need to stop holding grudges.

2)They have room in the car. This means absolutely nothing.

3)His family are good people. This I do not doubt, necessarily. As I know all too well, you can't judge a family based on one member.

Our arguments are these:

1)Everytime we spend too much time with Steve, we end up coming home stressed. You may recall my comment earlier about calming down with Mujin Wakusei Survive. Five whole days sounds like a Very Bad Idea.

2)I'm not ready to acknowledge any of those people, wonderful though they may be, as family, step or otherwise. Mom pretty much uprooted everything we're working for with this marriage, and every time we tried to get her to consider that she may be affecting other people negatively, she said we didn't count. Our moving to Fresno despite all that (long story) seems to have worked to discount any valid claims we may have had against them, but that doesn't mean I can't try anyway.

3)Somebody's gotta take care of the cats. Somehow I doubt Steve would approve of them coming along for the ride, and I doubt they would want to.

4)Long car ride. Whether there's space or not does not affect the length of the car ride. For more details, see argument 1).

And there you have it. I do wonder if it's a coincidence that the invitation came after President Hinckley's talk on forgiveness. But I think that before any decision is made other than "we're not going," there needs to be a long, rational talk... and that seems unlikely to happen.

This is the last one today, I swear

It's kind of weird to be watching a Soichiro Hoshi character interacting with girls (one of these days we might actually watch Ai Yori Aoshi though). And then it's even weirder to realize that the character's potential love interest is played by Mamiko Noto, who has a picture of us. I wonder if Hoshi-san's seen her AX pictures...

And then I realize that, in the picture she has, I'm wearing a bikini. Hm.

Tonight I'm thankful for Seiichiro Sano, cosplay, Anime Expo, cameras, and Disney's Hercules.