October 2nd, 2005



Today is the day I discovered (again) that being able to stay awake during General Conference doesn't really help if you can't focus on the talks. So here's what happened.

It started a long time ago. They introduced a new character in FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime who sounded almost exactly like Soichiro Hoshi. In fact, we were convinced that he was played by Hoshi-san until it said in the credits that he wasn't. So obviously we want to know who this guy is that sounds so much like Hoshi-san, see if maybe he's in anything else so we can hear him more and learn to differentiate.

We'd had trouble looking up voice actors from Fushigi thing thing thing before, since they seem to be using people who are either fairly new, or just aren't in a whole lot of stuff, and therefore are not listed at the voice actor databases we usually go to. But we did notice that most of the newer VAs in the series work for the same agency. So instead of trying to find this guy at a database, we went to that agency's website first, to see if we could cut out some of the work. It didn't help, because I don't think he was listed there (can't remember exactly).

We went through all the departments: adult male, junior, child, and then, for the heck of it, and since this is the department we're likely to end up in if we work for them (only female), bilingual. While we were looking through the bilingual talents, we noticed one guy, and reading his description, we're like, "Oh hey, he's from Utah! And... he went to BYU!?" This was very interesting.

First, we did a little more research on this guy, because if it turned out he was one of our classmates at BYU, he would officially suck. This is because all (the ones that talked to us, anyway) of our Japanese-classmates should have known full well that we wanted to be voice actresses in Japan, and if they knew some way of accomplishing this, they should have shared the information. Fortunately, after doing a little more research, we found out that he's been doing voice-over work in Japan far too long to have been in any of our classes.

And so, since we're trying to make it a habit of acting on such serendipity, in case it's divine guidance of some sort, we wrote him a letter, basically just asking if he had any advice or anything that might help us with our dream. This was back in July. Which is why we were so shocked to find an email from him in our inbox this morning.

And that's why I couldn't pay attention during Conference this morning. Fortunately, I was able to calm myself down in time to pay attention to President Hinckley's talk.
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