September 27th, 2005


Simple pleasures

We were going through the extras on Infinite Ryvius volume 3, and Bandai had the brilliant idea of showing an art gallery while playing the audio dramas that apparently had been commercials for the DVDs and videos in Japan. It would have been awesome... except that they didn't have any with Hoshi-san's character. *pout*

So then we decided to look through the commercials for the CD dramas. I was a little disappointed, because when the first one started, I realized they were just going to play music and not have any of the VAs do a voiceover. I thought maybe the next ones would have voiceovers, but the second one didn't either, so I figured that the third one would also be devoid of voiceovers. But! The first thing I noticed when it started playing was a credit for the commercial's music being a song sung by Soichiro Hoshi! Yay!

And now I'm happy.

And I'm thankful for Infinite Ryvius, which isn't as disturbing as we feared... so far. Anime serieseses always get weirdest in the second half. And I'm thankful for CD players, Victor Entertainment (even though they have eeeeevil marketing ploys), Bandai Entertainment, and DVD players.


Eheh. Sorry.

So on the Honyaku mailing list you get all sorts of interesting debates about grammar. It's kind of fun sometimes, but kind of like, "Dude, just shut up," other times. It's interesting that, no matter where you go, you find a bunch of people that are eager to show off how smart they are. Still, it's nice that it's in an environment where everyone respects each other (until someone tries to go on a tirade about why direct translations don't really exist).

Anyway, my question is this: is it true that native English speakers with native English speaking parents say "needs ~-ed" instead of "needs to be ~-ed"? For example "needs cleaned" instead of "needs to be cleaned"? Not that I think it's dumb or anything--I've just never encountered anyone in real life who says that, so I always assumed it was something that people said who didn't grow up speaking English. Someone on the mailing list said that it's common in the Midwest.

You learn a new thing everyday, I guess.

We have sound again!!!!

All thanks to Sanzo, who pointed us in the right direction of how to get it fixed. Now we can watch all the anim we've been downloading like mad to catch up and hear what's going on!

Now we just need to figure out what we want to do about all the sound settings we had before...

Experiencing technical difficulties...

So now that our sound is back, we're back to translating Captain Animate. The next track is already done (only took about ten minutes, since we had translated it before), but now we don't have anything to cut the mp3, so we can't post sound clips. I guess we could just post it without the sound clips, but we kind of wanted it to be like those books they have for little kids with all those buttons on the side and you push them to make sounds at the right time during the story.

We also have to download the drivers for our scanner again so we can get the character pictures back. So our Japanese word for today is "mendoi," which basically means "requiring an annoying amount of effort." Oh well. We'll get over it.

And today, I'm thankful for sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.
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