September 26th, 2005


Wow! This is a nice chest!

I'm actually a little surprised Athena was able to check the punctuation on that for me so quickly...

So today was full of sidequesting. And tomorrow will be full of... stuff? Maybe we'll figure up what's up with our sound card. This becomes more and more important the more I remember the preview for last week's episode of Ueki no Housoku.

And today I'm thankful for Reese's cookies, Chocobo Hot & Cold, constellations, band-aids, and floppy disks.

A day in the life of a pair of freelance translators

Not that anyone really wanted to know. We just thought there might be some people out there who would like a better idea of when we're available online.

Collapse )

And there it is. It seems kind of pathetic, actually. But hopefully that will explain why we tend to be difficult to get a hold of online. Really, I didn't think we're gone that much, but we've been missing people a lot lately (in the sense of getting an IM when we're away), so yeah.