September 6th, 2005


I can't think of a subject.

The problem with spending all of Sunday playing Final Fantasy IX is that I forget some of the things I want to post about.

So anyway, also on Sunday, we got a phonecall from Mom. For some reason she wanted to know the Sphinx's riddle in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and, though we tried to tell her several times that she returned the book to us twice and we therefore had two copies, she never took either of them home with her. After I gave her the riddle, she told us we needed to send her our resume again, because the first email with it got deleted. Not really a problem--sending emails isn't hard.

Then Mom explained about her trip to Hawaii, and said that after they got back, they would drag us to one of Sarah's high school's football games so we could see her be in the color guard. Now, I have nothing against supporting my little sister; in fact I think it's a very good thing to do, and I'm happy for her for making color guard. I do, however, have a great many things against being forced to watch an entire football game just to see someone perform during halftime. We might just call a visiting teacher or someone and ask for a ride to and from halftime.

Still, this seems a little off. We never went to any of the games Sarah performed at back in Glendale, so why start now? I actually did think to ask Mom about this, and her first excuse was that all of those games were away from Glendale, which, thinking about now, doesn't work because a lot of Glendale High's away games are still played at Glendale High for some reason. Her second excuse (I didn't realize what the problem with the first excuse was, but I was still incredulous) was that they were all during tax season. This has been a somewhat legitimate reason Mom has had for not going to a great many things in the past.

But if I had any sort of a brain, I would have realized that the only tax season we've spent near Mom in the past few years was the one we spent here in Fresno, and now I'm very sad I didn't bring that up. Also, Athena points out that football season is the same every year, so if it's not during tax season now, it probably wasn't during tax season last year. Athena says that if Mom's going to lie, she really needs to be better at it, but it certainly doesn't help that it takes us so long to finally figure out the obvious reasons that she's lying. Oh well.

And so it seems fishy. So of course we're coming up with various reasons why we, who according to Mom should have moved away from these people long ago, being a whole twenty-three years of age, should have to be dragged against our will to not one, but three football games. Our main theory is that Steve's not going to miss the opportunity to go to a sporting event, especially when he's trying to buy Sarah, be a good step-dad, and Mom doesn't want to be the only one to suffer. My other theory is that they're still using very foolish strategies in trying to get us to stop hating Steve.

Of course, there's also the possibility that they just genuinely want us to have a good time being a good family... but then why hadn't they spoken to us for weeks on end?

Obviously we're not going to go without a fight (if we go at all), but when they pull the "support your little sister" card, things get tricky. Our current strategy is to point out that, if we're going to these football games, shouldn't somebody over there be reading some of the multiple volumes of manga we've translated?

Evil schemes

Today was one of those days that we spent doing nothing because we wanted to do fun stuff but felt guilty for not doing productive stuff. And then we went insane.

Actually, it wasn't so bad. We did a little bit of job-hunting, which was vaguely helpful as far as figuring out what we need to do to help ourselves, but not extremely helpful in actually getting us any kind of work. But at least we weren't totally slacking.

Anyway, we're currently wondering what kind of a reaction we'd get if we agreed to go to Sarah's football games if they agreed to read Saiyuki. Mom really likes action movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Sahara and stuff, so normally she'd probably be okay with it. But she and Steve (mostly Steve though) seem to have a fear of manga, so all the slicey-slicey, the swearing, and the topless women would stand out more than usual, and they would be even more afraid. And then they might start trying to "subtly" get us more active in the Church... as if we aren't active enough already...

It would be an interesting experiment, but it would probably just end up making everything more annoying. We are trying to prove that manga is not evil, after all. Oh well.

So anyway, I've been trying to slip the gratitude journal thing in with my normal entries, but since I don't have anything to really embellish, I'll just have to do it the normal way tonight. This time, I'll just leave it in the same paragraph though. I'm thankful for Terry Pratchett books, and that I don't have any canker sores right now, and for our visiting teachers, and for gel pens, and that I was able to finish my e-mail to Clay so that I won't feel guilty for not working on it.
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