August 11th, 2005


Would you watch The Law of Ueki if Sasuke was in it?

Okay, so it's not fair of me to assume that nobody's watching it. And it is licensed.

And technically, Sasuke's not in it. But they introduced some new characters recently, and one of them is played by Noriaki Sugiyama, who also voices Sasuke in Naruto and Ishida in Bleach. He really does seem to always play the same character... or at least similar characters, since I'm not qualified to judge what Sasuke's like. Only this time he gets to be a villain! Yay!

This of course brings me to our crazy theories about the casting of Ueki no Housoku. The casting director is Kazuhiko Inoue (Kakashi, Hatori, etc. etc.) and almost everyone in the series seems to be someone he worked with recently. Now I really do think that Inoue-san is a good casting director, who would not play favorites, but that doesn't take any of the fun out of coming up with crazy theories as to how the casting worked.

For example, we've mentioned our theories about Soichiro Hoshi being on a mission to abandon his cuteness. We like to think that him being cast as Sano, who uses a low voice with Kansai dialect and has a burn scar covering half his face, was an act of mercy by Inoue-san, helping Hoshi-san on his way to non-cuteness.

I was going to list some of our other theories, but really that's the only one. Although it is mysterious that Hoshi-san and Ishida-san are constantly paired together, like they were in HaruToki, which Inoue-san also acted in.


I try so hard to be a good person. But then something like this happens and instead of kindly keeping it between me and the offender, I have to go post on LiveJournal about it. *sigh*

Mom happened to be in the area because she had to pick Sarah up from the airport, so I guess that's why she figured she might as well stop by and pick up the peanut-butter squares that Athena, not knowing Mom would be coming by, hadn't made yet. She called us (interrupting our work, but that's not important) asking when she would get her peanut-butter squares, and when I said I didn't know, she asked how long it would take to make them, because she and Sarah were in our parking lot. Oy.

I thought it would be nice to visit with Sarah, which is why we let them in in the first place (that and we still haven't built up the resolve to shut Mom out, which might be a good thing), but it wasn't the easiest thing to get people to talk. Not that it was completely silent, but there was a definite sense of people wanting to get the goods and make a break for it.

One thing that got brought up was the PS2 that they won from MacDonald's, which they're planning on using as an extra DVD player. When we expressed what a waste that seemed to us, Mom suggested we buy a DVD player from CostCo for like $40 and then we could trade. Which of course would only really do us any good if we spent even more money to get it modified. Whee.

That would only have been a minor annoyance if the following exchange did not take place later. Sarah's going to Newport with the youth in her ward for a temple open house, so Mom said, "We have to go to the bank so I can give you some spending money for your trip tomorrow." Sarah, not wanting to go to the bank, responds with, "Why don't you pay me back later?"

I could understand Mom giving Sarah spending money. Sarah is still in Mom's custody, and not yet old enough to really get a job. But giving Sarah spending money when Sarah already has money, after telling us that we can buy her a DVD player so we can have her free PS2? Something doesn't feel right here.

They didn't share any peanut-butter squares with us either.
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Wonder, I sometimes do

Name that quote!

So last night, the Relief Society president called asking if I would mind playing the piano for Enrichment tonight. I would be happy to, because I like to play the piano. She also asked if we needed a ride, because if we're not at Enrichment, it's usually due to lack of transportation. This month, one of our visiting teachers had already promised to give us a ride, so I said we would be fine. Athena even saw the visiting teacher write down that she would drive us to Enrichment, after which she said, "Now I'll remember!"

And as you should all know by now (all four of you reading this), I wouldn't be typing this up if our VT had remembered to pick us up. I called her at about 6:47 (she said she'd get us at 6:45, and she's been known to forget before) and the first thing she said when she picked up was not, "Hello?" but, "I'm so sorry; I completely forgot!"

This probably wouldn't have been nearly as upsetting if not for two things. One, we were already angry because of stuff with Mom, and two, we're reeeeeeeally sick of being forgotten. I wonder if we're some kind of walking forgetfulness charms or something, because this happens far far far too often. (Unless, of course, someone wants money or peanut-butter squares.)

I wonder if it's that we're not social enough. Or maybe it's that all we do is translate. Translators tend to be in the background, because really, they're mainly there to make other people's fine work available to more people. Maybe if we wrote fanfiction, or drew fanart... We cosplay though. That should count for something... except that it wouldn't count as far as people here, because so far not many of them are into anime. I would like to point out that this year was the first time we've dressed as Goku and Hakkai at Disneyland. It may be fun to get Hakkai driving the Indiana Jones Jeep, but we have only done it once.

It's weird though, because from what we hear, people do talk about us a lot. And yet they can't seem to actually remember anything about us. And so I wonder. And then I get frustrated because I can't come to any kind of conclusion. And so I come and type up LiveJournal entries. And still I get nowhere.