July 16th, 2005



We have new Harry Potter!!! And we have Harry Potter glasses!!! Which I am currently wearing over my real glasses, because I appreciate enhanced visibility. Yay!!!!
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I don't think we're in Hogwarts anymore...

Or rather, I haven't actually gotten there yet.

I'm actually kind of amused at how many posts I've seen mentioning how everyone else is probably reading Harry Potter, while they, sadly, are not. But then, I amuse easily.

I'm not reading Harry Potter either, because, as I've mentioned before, Athena gets it first. She's been reading it all day while I, in anticipation of the movies that will start coming out this year, have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia.

It's kind of a neat nostalgia trip, since The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was always our favorite book when we were little. Dad used to read it to us every day. He read the other chronicles too, but we only really cared about the first one. Possibly because that's the one that had an animated film to go with it. We never did get into those live-action movies they had on PBS.

It might also be because it focuses so much on the four siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. The other books might have more of them, too, but it's been about thirteen to fifteen years since we've read them, and right now I'm still on The Horse and his Boy. I only had memories of, obviously, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and some very vague memories of what I think is either The Magician's Nephew or The Last Battle.

Anyway, those four were the most interesting, especially because, at the time Dad was reading the books to us, Sarah hadn't been born yet, so it was kind of like our family, only with two boys instead of all girls. We always made Celeste be Edmund, even though she was the youngest. Probably because she was the youngest, which meant we could force all the bad characters on her. So technically I was supposed to be Edmund, which, now, I would have no problems with. Except he really is a punk. Kind of reminds me of Hiro in Fruits Basket.

It was fun, though, reading the first one, because we had Dad read it so many times, and we saw the movie so many times, that even though it's been so long, when I was reading the dialogue between Lucy and Tumnus, I was like, "Oh! Oh! I remember this!!" So yeah. It's neat. And now when the movie comes out, I'll be all ready to be like, "Hey! What's up with that!? They got it all wrong!! Why'd they do it that way? That's stupid. They should have done it like this!" [sarcasm]Because that's what The Chronicles of Narnia are all about[/sarcasm].