July 15th, 2005


It's quiet... Too quiet.

Everybody's gone!!!! I wonder what happened to them. You'd think they'd all be online, posting anxiously about the new Harry Potter book or something. Some people can even get theirs three hours before the rest of us!

Maybe the excitement is too much for them, and they've been rendered unable to move or type. Or maybe Voldemort got them! Oh no!!

Or maybe they just have this strange thing called a "socail life"... Mysterious...

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Slight productivity is still productivity

I think this week has been pretty productive. We're nearly all caught up on anime (except for DVDs...), we got our air conditioning fixed, we got all our translations sent out to everyone who needed them, we helped Jessica make a skirt, we even went grocery shopping! The only thing we still need to do is get Celeste's digital camera back to her. And here I said we'd get it in the mail this week. I'm sorry!!!

So now we can look forward to a nice weekend filled with Harry Potter and whatever I decide to read while Athena's reading Harry Potter. Probably Discworld stuff. Unless, now that I've said something, someone calls with alternate plans. But if it's not important, I think we'll probably decline.

I wonder if they'll be showing Danny Phantom tonight...

Channel surfing!

We had an hour to kill between Wheel of Fortune and Danny Phantom, so we turned it to Cartoon Network just in time to hear Johnny Depp say, "I did ask them to pay me in all jelly beans, but they refused for legal reasons. Although they might have just been mad because I asked for only red jelly beans."