July 11th, 2005


Soooo hoooot......

I really don't want to complain about the heat, because I'm afraid that would make it worse. From what I understand, we're very blessed for it to have waited this long to get this hot. I'm mostly just worried about the cats. We'll go talk to the manager about our air conditioning being weird tomorrow, and then it will all be happy.

And I think I figured out why Arizona rejects Daylight Savings Time! Of course, all you Arizonans might already know, but the one guy from AZ who was telling us about it seemed to pretty much just say that they don't use it because it's stupid and AZ is vastly superior to all other states. We didn't like his attitude, so we didn't buy it. Anyway, being in a hot place like this, I can definitely understand wanting the sun to go down quickly. And since I hear Arizona is a hot place, I think that's why they reject DST. Am I right?

In the meantime, brain power is dwindling. It can actually take away from the enjoyment of anime when you're watching it just to make sure it gets watched. But we're catching up! I think we're almost there.

We watched a new series called "Oku-sama wa Joshi-kousei (his wife is a high school student)." It sounded like it would be another dumb fan-service series, but it's actually pretty cute. I think it might help that it's from the girl's point of view, so there're less gratuitous panty-shots. Her husband is a teacher at her school, so obviously they have to keep their marriage a secret (we still don't know why the heck they're married), but instead of the typical rival girl falling in love with him too, one of her friends notices that she's obviously in love with the guy, and makes it her mission to get them together.

So yeah. Still working our way through all the current serieses before we can get to a whole lot of the new anime. I almost hope there's less stuff to be hooked on, because trying to catch up is hard enough as it is. But fear of missing our favorite voice actors will keep us watching a series long after we've gotten bored with it. And we like to finish things once we've started, which is why we kept watching the first episode of Basilisk, despite the trauma it caused.

PS: I love the hot emoticon!!