July 10th, 2005



The seeds of corruption have taken root and are beginning to spread. Mwahahahahahaha!!!!

So this morning the phone started ringing and we're like, "Oh good, someone's going to take us to church." We really should have called someone to make sure. We're so bad. Our relief was kind of... un-relieved?... when the voice on the other end turned out to be Steve's. That's what we get for not taking responsibility of our own transportation. Ah well. I do wonder what would have happened if I had said, "Yes, actually, we do have a ride to church," since he was only three minutes away from our apartment when he called.

The first thing Steve asks, which was very nice of him, was how the convention was. My response, "Awesome, as usual." "It was awesome?" he asks, sounding genuinely surprised. "Well, yeah. Why do you think we go every year?" "I thought you only went because you had to because of work." It's like he really can't comprehend how someone could possibly enjoy anime. Or maybe he just thinks that conventions, since most of the "normal" ones are for people's work, are very boring in general. Still, I would have thought that by now, he'd know that we do things involving anime because we're obsessed with anime. Go figure.

He also asked how we got down there, as if we hadn't explained it a million times before. He then asked a bunch of questions like "Did your home teacher already have some business down there?" No. "Did he have someone go with him to keep him company?" No. "Does he like anime?" No. "Does he know what all the names are when you're talking about it?" No. He's just really nice.

I can understand his shock (we were pretty shocked too, but, hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth), but later I remembered that Steve once had someone drive all the way up to Fresno from Los Angeles to drive him to get an MRI. Oh well.

He went on to talk about Spirited Away. I think I mentioned that, when Mom came over to bring us catfood the night before we left for AX, she asked if they could borrow it because Scott and Kimee really liked it. Actually, it was Kimee who tugged on Mom's sleeve and reminded her to ask about the movie. *evil chuckle*

Apparently now Scott likes to imitate the part after Chihiro steps on the black slug thingie where she has to hold her fingers together and Kama-jii "cuts" them apart to get rid of bad luck. Steve is unsure if this gesture is to place a curse or remove one (we tried to explain it, but we're not sure if he was listening), but one thing he said that surprised me was, "To think my own son is doing that." As if it's some sort of evil ritual from the heathenistic Japan. He may not have meant it that way, but that's kind of how it came out.

So I repeat my earlier statement: the seeds of corruption have taken root and are beginning to spread. Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!

That Shinn... *shakes head*

I almost don't want to update because we're still a week behind on Gundam Seed Destiny, but since we decided not to download stuff on Sundays (give the computer a little break), we won't catch up at least until tomorrow.

It was fun seeing more of Meer now that I've cosplayed her. Kind of weird though, because I was kind of like, "Oh no! I messed up the costume!" and kind of like, "Wow, I did pretty good with that costume." I guess that's what happens when you change the design slightly.

Watching Gundam Seed is interesting because I get so involved in the characters that I almost forget who plays them. Now that's an intense series.

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And yet he's Maaya Sakamoto's favorite male character. Go figure.