June 20th, 2005


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And Clay is so cute. We got an e-mail from him yesterday that we chose not to read because it might contain Destiny spoilers, and it did. But he was talking about how Orb is just like Japan, so I said that if Japan is Orb, then America is probably the Earth Alliance. So in his response, he's like, "Well, I guess you could say America is the Earth Alliance. Or you could say it's ZAFT. But it's actually very different from both of them, because it's way better."

Okay, so I paraphrased that last bit, but it's still cute. And typing this up, we realized that Clay probably knows more about the politics going on here than we do. That's pretty sad. Maybe we should go watch the news...
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"I think the Fates are conspiring against our productivity today"

So of course, instead of trying to combat them, I sit here updating LiveJournal. It makes sense.

Our yukatas came in the mail today! We opened them up right away to see what they look like (in real life and stuff; obviously we saw pictures before we ordered them), and it's very tempting to try them on right now. But no! We must design our namecards, and then I need to get back to work on costumes. Laundry needs to be done today, too. It's only especially sad because today is the one day where we can't say, "That's okay; if we dont' have time, we can do it tomorrow."

Becaaaauuuse! We're going to Disneyland tomorrow! That's right--we're going home. We're a little concerned we may have villified(sp?) ourselves in the eyes of Celeste and her friends, though. See, we're heading down tomorrow morning from all the way up in Clovis/Fresno/whatever, which could take us a while because we don't want to leave before six, because that's inhuman. Celeste can't get in without a ticket, which Athena and I are paying for, so the idea was that they'd wait for us, we'd all buy our tickets and go in together. They didn't want to wait too long (makes sense, because we really don't know how long it will take us to get there), so Celeste's friends said they'd buy her ticket and go on into the park, and we'd meet up later where we could pay them back.

I guess something about the term "pay back" just rubs me the wrong way, because I didn't like this plan. So Athena and I discussed it and thought that if they really don't want to wait that long, they can go on in, and we can deduct three dollars from the amount we pay them back for every hour they're in the park and we're driving. It seemed fair to us, for various reasons which are hard for me to explain because they all sound selfish or sappy. But to all of them it seemed obviously insane.

So I'm really not sure how unreasonable we were being, but they decided they'd rather wait for us. Maybe it was because instead of saying we'd pay them back three dollars less, I said they would pay us three dollars. I really need to learn to communicate better.

Anyway, productivity! At least I already finished Meer's skirt. That almost makes me sad, because I really enjoy attaching gold trim. Ah well. Back to work.