June 15th, 2005



Onmyou Taisenki! That was the other thing that made me think Fukuyama-san is in everything.

Anyway, Decade on Net is open! Yay!!!

And the other net radio personality has been revealed to be Ishida-san! We're so excited!! Except that they actually have two radio programs: Gum version: Radio Megami Kouhosei, and Asuka version: Radio DN Angel. And Radio DN Angel won't actually start for another week. Sad.

For Radio Megami Kouhosei, the personalities are (obviously) Zero and Kizna, Jun Fukuyama and Miki Nagasawa. We're having a hard time getting the thing to not time out on us (we think either the network is busy or our Aquarion upload is taking up all our bandwidth), but we did manage to get the first five minutes, and it's really fun. They use the theme from the anime, which on the one hand makes me all teary-eyed (only not really...) because of the nostalgia factor, but on the other hand is sad because it reminds us that they re-cast everyone (except Kizna and Azuma). It sounds like Fukuyama-san will make a good Zero, at least, but... Obi-san...

And, since we always have to make up little stories as to why things are the way they are, here's out theory about why they didn't tell us who else would be in these radio things. Since there were three questions marks, to represent three kanji, they couldn't decide between Fukuyama-san and Ishida-san, because on the one hand, you'd have Daisuke and Zero, which would be the main characters from the two main serieses, and on the other hand, you'd have Daisuke and Satoshi, who are best(?) friends. It would also make sense if they just wanted Ishida-san, because, as Hoshi-san pointed out during one of the Gundam Seed commentaries in which Ishida-san was worried that they hadn't been interesting enough, people will tune in just to hear Ishida-san's voice. So true.

So since they couldn't decide, they just got Nagasawa-san, and decided to have two. It also works out better this way, because now they can update once a week, instead of once every two weeks.

Now our biggest problem is that Radio DN Angel starts on the day we get back from Disneyland with Celeste, so hopefully, she can entertain herself for twenty minutes, because we'd feel bad abandoning her to listen to our crazy Japanese internet radio.

The other question: Is Irino-kun taller than Ishida-san, or does he just have better posture?
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