June 13th, 2005


Little random thoughts

And costumes are once again slowly progressing. It's kind of frustrating how slowly it's going, but I am happy they seem to be turning out pretty well. And I installed an invisible zipper the other day! Those things are a marvel of modern engineering. I even installed one and I'm still not quite sure how they work!

We played Spoono today at FHE. I just wanted to mention it because I like the name. Apparently it's not the real name (it's like Machete Uno, or something), but when Athena heard it was Spoons mixed with Uno, it got a new name. For some reason, whenever I play a game involving spoons, I get my hand all scratched up. I'm glad I was first to use up all my cards.

Our new downstairs neighbors like rap. They like it so much that they're willing to sacrifice their eardrums to share their music with their neighbors. If their favorite time to share their music didn't start at eleven-thirty at night, and their favorite place to share it wasn't directly under our bedroom, we might appreciate their generosity a lot more. But that's okay; it just means they won't have a problem when we play DDR. Or it better.

Reese's cookies are very good. It makes me sad that there are only 18 per box. But 18 is better than zero, so let's look on the bright side. Our home teacher says it's better to look on the bright side, because then you can see a lot better.
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