June 11th, 2005



I don't know if anyone is reading this who will care, but FUNimation is having a contest in which the grand prize is a free trip to AX2005. In case anyone wanted to go who couldn't afford it.
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When it rains, it poors

I feel like June 11th is an important day... That's right! It's Toshihiko Seki's birthday. We should watch Saiyuki! Or Gundam Seed!

As if we didn't have enough to do.

We got fabric yesterday! This means I can finally finish Lacus's haori (we had been calling it her coat thing until we found out it's officially a haori), and I can get to work on Meer, Donald, and Goofy. Poor Eisen will not be worked on, because we didn't have the foresight to stare at pictures of him before we left, so there was a bunch of stuff we looked at and thought, "This could work... but I don't remember if it's the right color!!" Because for some reason the fact that colors tend to vary from picture to picture still means nothing.

And at the same time I finally have the means to get back into costuming mode, our package from Animaxis arrives! This is very, very happy. On the one hand, I want to say that I'm sad that we can't read all the pretty new manga, because I have to work on costumes. But on the other hand, it's all the more motivation to get costumes done quickly. And we got a couple of Gundam Seed Destiny books that have already helped with Lacus's outfit.

So we had better get to work! ...maybe after we watch Eyeshield21...


So we were waiting for One Piece to start, and we catch the very end of Zatch Bell, or whatever it's called. And there's this guy, and he says something that for some reason reminded me of young Albedo from XenosagaII. My first comment is, "He's in Xenosaga." Athena replies, "Or he's trying to be Crispin Freeman. Or both."

So when the credits start, I pay verrrrrry careful attention to the list of voice actors, thinking I might see, I don't know, the guy who played chaos or someone. And there it is: Scott Menville.

Now, I don't know if that character was Scott Menville's character, but it would explain why he sounded like someone in Xenosaga trying to be Crispin Freeman, because that's pretty much what the part of young Albedo was. Only actually it would have been the Japanese actress trying to sound like Kouichi Yamadera originally, which I have to point out because I'm a purist.

And now here's the wonderful story we made up about Scott Menville, based on the fact that he is now working with ShoPro Entertainment (or, I think that's the company's name). Seeing as how he's recently been showing up in all sorts of video games lately, it seems that he is an anime, or at least video game, fan.

So our theory is that he found out ShoPro would be dubbing Naruto and decided he absolutely had to be in it. I think he would make an awesome Sasuke. Especially because Robin is such a ninja already. And they even have similar...ish hairstyles! It would be perfect!

We looked him up on IMDb to see if they had maybe already cast the Naruto dub, but, if they have, IMDb doesn't know about it. We did find out that he's older than Soichiro Hoshi, which seems very odd to me.

We also found out that Jiraiya is played by the same guy who does Ni Jianyi. We're not sure what that means, since we haven't seen Jiraiya, but we thought people might like to know, if they didn't already.