May 25th, 2005


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Today was the last game in the Ultimate Tournament of Champions. Ken Jennings was in second. Having been fans of him for so long, this was very sad to us. We could see it coming though. Brad Rutter was just answering too many of the clues. It wasn't much of a surprise, either. Watching all the other rounds of the tournament, he was always the one that I was like, "Oh no. If anyone can beat Ken, it's this guy." It's kind of a miracle that he made it that far. He advanced in one of the rounds by literally one dollar. That was amazing. But he also seems like a very nice guy, and if I could forgive anyone for beating Ken Jennings, it would be him.

In other news, there are neat pictures of the cast of the Saiyuki stage production at the Axle website. I already explained how to get there at the Togenkyo forums, so people can go there, and then I don't have to repeat myself. It's in the anime forum.